What kind of children are those who can take an examination of famous brands?

What kind of children are admitted to famous universities?College entrance examination 600 points above the child, in addition to hard work, hard work, is it necessary to have talent?Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% effort. This famous saying has a great influence on many people’s cognition.In many people’s consciousness, the proportion of talent is very small, people’s success mainly depends on the day after tomorrow’s efforts and diligence.There are also a lot of people who think talent doesn’t matter hard work and the right approach is all that matters.I personally do not agree with such views and views.You can really do a survey and analysis, and if you get over 600, 99 percent of the kids are really gifted, except for diligence, hard work, hard work and the right methods.Do not deny the talent, all test more than 600 points of children, 985 university of children, without exception are extremely talented children.With average talent, average intelligence and average IQ, it is really too difficult for children to get to 985 university, even if they are diligent, hardworking, diligent and correct.Is, hard work and correct method is indeed a very important element in the success, is also a decisive factor, to be successful, no hard work is absolutely not, even talent are not high, this all recognition, but also can’t deny the importance of talent, if talent not short of intelligence, IQ can not reach,It is almost impossible to easily get over 600 points and enter a prestigious university.Therefore, some people have to come out of the conclusion: all the children who can test 985 university are talent + hard work + right method + good family environment.Do you agree with this statement?

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