No wonder you have nothing to fear!Xavi experimented with a new formation dembele in line to give Barca an advantage

Xavi’s Barcelona start the second half of the season with great ambition after the winter window’s big signings.And in Barcelona against Atletico Madrid’s la Liga league roster, Dembele’s name is prominently listed.Although his departure from Barcelona at the end of the season is almost certain, But Xavi is still difficult to give him up.Barca is experimenting with a new front trident, dembele.Xavi has traore, Ferrantorres and Dembele at the heart of Barca’s new trident, a combination of pace, skill and scoring.Was have awesome body quality and astonishing speed, but his shot is not passing strengths, phelan torres has a good scoring ability, but his physical play center are still a little reluctantly, but with double shun fa bei lai, all this is no longer a problem, plus a free agent to join Obama MeiYang, barca’s attack is very considerable.The Barca hierarchy have run out of patience with Dembele and are determined to put the French winger on the shelf until the end of the season, but will have to consult Xavi.The latter, who dropped Dembele for the second consecutive game, did not write him off completely, but it is worth it to say that Xavi is prepared to make the most of dembele’s remaining value.In fact, in Xavi’s tactical system, explosive wingers still have a lot of role.It is also the most important reason why Xavi has made dembele his first priority after taking over as Barcelona coach.Now although Barca loan old general Traore, but Xavi is still dembele’s obsession.For him, it is important to use the strength of everyone in the team to complete the task of reaching the top four in La Liga, and the weakened Barca cannot afford to send Mr Yuan to the stands.But let Xavi finally decided not to give up Dembele, but another reason, that is aubameyang’s arrival.Dembele played alongside Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Borussia Dortmund in the 2016/17 season.Dembele made 12 assists in the Bundesliga that season, 10 of which led to Aubameyang’s goals.Five years on, the pair have seen the opportunity to join forces again and Xavi is clearly hoping that the spark between them will continue as it is important to Barcelona’s attack.Veteran defender Dani Alves has backed Dembele and believes barca should give him a chance as long as the French winger remains in the squad. “We need to be smarter about the situation.We need maximum strength, we need all of us to stand together.We are trying to get Barca back to the top and that needs to create a healthy and positive atmosphere. There should be no bad mood in the team.Negative things don’t help you grow. They don’t help you get things done.”Of course, the chances of Dembele staying at camp Nou do not increase, as according to Sport of the World, Barca are convinced dembele has already struck a deal with greater Paris to join them at the end of the season, as their repeated attempts to retain Kylian Mbappe have failed.Dembele, who even overshadowed Mbappe, is clearly a suitable candidate, but there is also a transfer fee, in the summer of last year tasted a great deal of free visa benefits, naturally will not let go, as Barcelona, they are already familiar with the acquisition.

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