How can film and television programs during the Spring Festival little, these several well-known video sites “conscience” operation is very powerful

During the Spring Festival film and television programs how little, these several well-known video sites “conscience” operation is very good to everyone, welcome back to the office half time.What is the most popular and enjoyable thing during Spring Festival?I think it should be movies and TV series.What a warm thing it is for the whole family to get together and watch TV happily.Watching movies and TV shows is comfortable, but it’s not always good to be interrupted by a “Look” at a critical moment.Chinese New Year? How could that be bad?Although, video website for operation, routine operation is reasonable, but the New Year time, these several well-known websites, or with some banks to cooperate with the “conscience” operation is very force!Relax and watch TV shows, it’s that simple!A, the official welfare to see the latest and most clear film and television programs, where the most appropriate.Surely everyone knows that several of the most well-known video websites are the best choice.This is not, Tencent video and CCTV news New Year gift, as long as pay attention to the official activities, a little shake, fight for luck, win the official sent 7 days free membership, is also very simple things.Don’t despise the short time, Chinese New Year just a few days, give you a week of membership, want to see what there is what, is not enough?If that’s not enough, the official welfare activities will continue. If you still want to get a member, you can try to use your family’s wechat.Second, bank activities to send gifts at this critical time, how can the bank less operation.After a year of making money from customers, it’s time for banks to give out benefits.However, some banks cooperated with iQiyi and other video websites to launch an activity of snatching one-month membership for one yuan. Basically, users who participate in the activity can buy specified products.There are even some banks offering annual membership benefits, but the threshold for obtaining them is relatively high.For the average user, a one-month membership is enough, since you won’t have time to watch it all the time.Three, video website to send surprise each big video website also can’t be idle!For the Spring Festival this good opportunity, have launched a lot of preferential policies, for example, half price to buy members.Attract user groups through a series of policies.For the friends who love film and television programs, it is undoubtedly a good news, after all, the members who usually need to spend hundreds of oceans only need half or even less payment during this period.Did you see any movies during the Spring Festival?

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