February 17, the winter Olympics watch Gu Ailing halfpipe competition

Gu Has already won one gold and one silver medal in the three freestyle events: big jump, slopestyle and halfpipe.Gu has won every World Cup event in halfpipe, her main event, this season.Gu Ailing will strive for the highest podium in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing and her second gold medal in Beijing Winter Olympics.Gu was joined by Chinese players Li Fanghui, Zhang Kexin and Wu Meng in the women’s halfpipe qualifying round.12:10 Canada and the United States will face off in the women’s ice hockey gold medal match, but it’s worth saying there will be no penalty shootout victory for the United States at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in Beijing due to new IIHF rules.The Beijing Winter Olympics will use the golden ball deciding system.12:30 Freestyle Skiing Men’s Halfpipe qualification MAO Bingqiang, He Binghan, Sun Jingbo, Wang Haizhuo will join hands in men’s halfpipe qualification 14:00 Alpine skiing women’s all-around alpine skiing women’s all-around competition, China’s Kong Fanying will participate, this is the first time for Chinese athletes to participate in this event.16:30 Speed skating Women 1000m national Speed skating hall “ice Ribbon” will be speed skating women 1000m race, among the Participating Chinese athletes, this season’s World Cup ranking is the highest li Qi Shi sixth.It is also considered one of the most competitive speed skating events at the Beijing Winter Olympics.18:00 Women’s free skating figure skating will take place in the women’s singles, the Russian Olympic team “three” is the favorite to win gold, after the short program, Valieva first, Serbakova second, Japan’s Sakamoto Hanori third, Trusova fourth.Who will finally stand on the top podium?The difficulty and performance of the free skate will ultimately determine the gold medal.Proofreading Su Yun

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