Dalian, Liaoning province: “RFID remote identification system” online to help judicial authorities cooperate in case handling

Dalian justice network March 15 (reporter Zhang Yuhong dou Xiaofeng Yang Qianchun) “below, the public through the ‘RFID remote proof system’ to the court to show the case of material evidence…”Recently, the public prosecutor of Ganjingzi District Procuratorate of Dalian City, Liaoning Province showed the court holographic evidence stored in the multi-dimensional warehouse of the law enforcement and case Handling Management center of the Public Security Branch through the Internet of Things at the trial site of the rapid adjudication procedure.In the process of testimony, the live broadcast screen is clear, and the simultaneous display and panoramic display of evidence are realized. Remote images, instructions and the real-time interaction of the trial fully reflect the real experience and the sense of the scene.It is reported that this is the first remote certification system officially launched by procuratorial organs in Liaoning Province.To solve the problem existing in the traditional trial involved material evidence to save tube and trial separation, procuratorial organs in the access to such outstanding problems as inconvenience, transportation safety, reduce the risk of evidence resources waste and pollution, earlier this year, dalian municipal people’s procuratorate was seated and procuratorate integration, with the new two-stage investigation supervision and coordination with the office as a platform, was seated on the public securityThe law enforcement and case Handling Management Center of the Sub-bureau developed the multi-dimensional management mode of the involved items, and jointly developed the “RFID remote demonstration system” of the involved material evidence with the public security organ and the information technology company.”‘ RFID remote in card system relying on electronic data accurate corresponding model, through the modern technology of public security organs shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the involved material evidence to realize remote visualization display and information technology application, system by” and “holographic” and “RFID management applications in the area” and “artificial intelligence” three parts, the RFID application management, through ‘yard type thing’Management, loading and unloading sensing monitoring, precision positioning and items, to ensure that in the case of material evidence ‘block type’ isolated storage, holographic photography in the area to realize the electronic data on the physical transformation, to ensure that the material evidence involved remote display mode is consistent with the solid content, visualization and panoramic, auxiliary by using artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence custody, access, display the depth of the fusion, through access, since the robotIntelligent auxiliary equipment such as mobile stacker can realize unmanned access to items and ensure the accuracy of the extraction and presentation of physical evidence involved in the case.”Li Bing, director of the Investigation supervision and cooperation office of dalian Procuratorate, said that the “RFID remote proof system” integrates digital image processing and multimedia technology to provide high-speed and stable technical support for the court scene, so that the evidence involved in the centralized custody process can guarantee the court proof without going out of the house.Dalian municipal people’s procuratorate, deputy chief procurators li-qun dong said prosecutors will cooperate to set up the investigation supervision and cooperation with the dalian office as an opportunity, we will conscientiously implement the Ministry of Public Security of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of investigation supervision and coordinated mechanism sound opinions “spirit, to fully improve interdepartmental information sharing mechanism, realize the aim of the new era in procuratorial work and information fusion.Next to “application RFID remote in card system” as a starting point, the two levels of investigation supervision and collaboration with office will continue to upgrade using 5 g mobile communication system, cloud platform of modern technologies, such as play big data in improving the capacity of judicial case, regulating the behavior of judicial case, enhance judicial credibility, etc, the key role of further perfecting the information sharing across different departments and unitsMechanism, through modern information technology to constantly break through information islands and online barriers, further improve the level of information, intelligence, help the construction of “intelligent inspection” and judicial organs to a new level of collaborative case handling.Source: Justice Network

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