Why did the well-to-do boy steal?9:30 tonight

Xiao Li from a young family is rich its father and son both are stubborn temper do not communicate only angry Xiao Li unexpectedly with others theft prosecutor in-depth understanding of the original cause of family education to Xiao Li and son face to face conversation…”My son and I are both stubborn. We didn’t communicate well before and blocked each other’s wechat calls after the accident.Today, we can sit down and talk with him normally, which we have not had for so many years. I really appreciate your efforts.In the future, I will actively take on the responsibility of a father, change the way of education, and grow up together with my children…”Recently, in jiangsu Province Qidong city procuratorate conference room, xiao Li’s father sincerely received the hospital issued the first “order to accept family education guidance notice”.This is also the first family education guidance work jointly carried out by the institute and the local women’s federation after the official implementation of the Family Education Promotion Law.Between June and July 2021, xiao Li, a minor, and others tried their luck to pull car doors for several times, stealing property inside the car if they could open it, involving more than 16,000 yuan.After the case was transferred to qidong Procuratorate for examination and prosecution, the prosecutor conducted a detailed social investigation on Xiao Li’s family background and growing environment.Prosecutors learned that Xiao Li’s father was doing well in business and the family was well-off.After her parents divorced in 2016, Li lived with her father in Qidong.Due to his father’s discipline is too simple and rough, xiao Li’s relationship with his father can be described as “tough”.As time went by, the estrangement between them became deeper and deeper. After a quarrel with her father, Xiao Li began to rent a house outside and get acquainted with the delinquent youth in the society. He was lured and misled to commit crimes.The prosecutor interviewed Xiao Li’s father and communicated openly with him.Xiao Li’s father said bitterly, “He didn’t do a good job in all the jobs I found for him, and now this, I’m completely disappointed in him.He’s 18 now anyway, so I don’t have to worry about him anymore.””Xiao Li was still a minor when he committed the crime, and poor family education and poor guardianship were an important reason why he went astray.”He is now an adult, without a job or financial support, and parental guidance is still necessary.”Parents or other guardians of minors should “take care of their children in accordance with the law” after the Family Education Promotion Law takes effect on Jan 1, 2022, while judicial organs and relevant functional departments should provide guidance, support and services for family education, according to the juvenile handling team of The Qidong People’s Procuratorate.Considering the current situation of Xiao Li’s family custody, the case handling team thought it was necessary to intervene, and immediately carried out a comprehensive evaluation of Xiao Li together with the staff of the Women’s Federation, and started the family education and guidance process.Pictures from the network, has nothing to do with the body of the All-China Women’s Federation of family education guidance workers received people’s procuratorate, for xiao li home customized personalized family education guidance, from the adjustment of reeducation through communication, improve the family atmosphere, learning knowledge, change the way of education, improve education concept, the development of education and so on six aspects of planning the specific guidance for family education courses.On January 13, under the leadership of the juvenile case handling team of the Qidong City Procuratorate, the staff of the city women’s Federation and members of the “Xinqing Fu Can” expert team and family education instructor came to the hospital to jointly carry out the first psychological counseling and family education face-to-face conversation for Xiao Li and his son.Experts analyze the conflict between father and son in depth, point out the crux of the problem, and then become a bridge of communication, guide them to change the way of communication to improve the parent-child relationship.Father and son had tears in their eyes, and the first interview ended with a hug.”I knew I was wrong in a lot of things, and I wasn’t good at expressing myself, so WHEN my dad got angry, I stood up to him, and I let him down.I want to thank prosecutors and education experts for their help. I will learn to work hard and will not do anything illegal.Xiao Li solemnly promised to everyone.Pictures from the network, has nothing to do with the body of the next, qidong city women’s federation organization family education guidance workers and volunteers, to xiao li and his son carried out a month-long specialized guide work and visit, qidong people’s procuratorate will timely follow up the progress of the understanding of family education guidance, timely adjust guidelines, supervise and guide xiao li parents properly fulfill their duties of guardianship.”To successfully handle a case, save a child and help a family is to fulfill procuratorial duties and fulfill social responsibilities.”Said the prosecutor in charge.(Fan Haiyan, Procuratorial Daily)

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