What trees look good to plant and the best time to water them

Water is usually needed when the soil is too dry. If it is trees, you can plant flowers and plants around it to reduce soil water loss.Plants that have grown for many years, generally speaking, do not need to be managed, mainly just planted, watering needs to pay attention to, the soil moisture is too much or less, will be adverse to the growth of plants.Water temperature in summer is higher, should be early in the morning or at night, that is, when the sun is not cloudy water can at any time, because the soil surface temperature is too high will go to the water, will lower the temperature in the plant root system, reduce the efficiency of absorption of moisture, under the sunlight of the leaves, still make rapid evaporation, trees can lead to water shortage, cause the leaves withering.The nature of rain and watering are different concepts, before the rain, the metropolitan cooling, rare sun rain, temperature and the environment is almost the same, so it will not reduce too much soil temperature, little impact on plants, winter daytime watering.In addition, avoid the use of tap water, which is also bad for plants with chlorine, should be placed naturally for a few days before use.Pine, cypress vomit out of the oxygen purity is the best, so the ability to purify the air is very strong, we suggest that conditions can be more than a few, recommend several plants: 1, yellow horn orchid, also called prynne.A similar variety, yellow orchid, has a stronger floral scent.Locust tree, also called acacia.3, Bamboo.Planting roots need to be shallow and exposed.Locust trees are also called locust trees, which were first introduced from abroad. With green leaves, they can grow very tall and have good-looking flowers. They are common in some places on the inland land and have good fertility.Locust trees can survive even when they are cut into buds. If there are buds, be careful when planting them. Once they are knocked off, it will be difficult to regrow.After planting, keep the soil moist in the early stage, after the growth of small leaves, do not care about it, if the soil is dry, it needs to water in the morning or night, that is, the soil surface temperature is not high water.In Guangdong, there are no locust trees, so I bought some for only one yuan each and planted some on hillsides, parks, remote grasslands and other suitable places, hoping to develop., there are some other plants to live by cuttings, such as peach, plum, grapes and so on, at the time of going to or has emerged leaf buds, cuttings buries in 15 centimeters, but dig a hole deep, as far as possible to the growth of tree roots late, if the leaves are long, it will have a root to easier to survive, to get rid of some of the leaves as far as possible, in order to reduce moisture to evaporate.Only in the best time to plant trees, at that time all plants began to new growth, some planting place in the sun, you also need to often observed soil moisture conditions, too dry lack water, you need to pour some water, generally choose the morning or at night time, summer on the soil surface temperature is not high, and there is no sunshine when water, because water can reduce soil temperature,It reduces the ability of the roots to absorb water, but evaporation continues in the sun, causing a lack of water supply, causing the leaves to wither, and watering them during the day in winter.Buy saplings there will be some roots, when planting or cut off a bit, or straighten out again planting roots spread, roots should not be together, that is not conducive to growth, just kind of good seedlings watered once best, if you don’t want to water, can observe the recent weather, when clearly it’s going to rain, kind of good seedlings ahead of schedule, had better choose rainy day grow, new seedlings is a little bit afraid of the sun.Locust trees should be planted as far as possible in some parks, remote grass and other places, so that the probability of being destroyed by people will be less, but also pay attention to the direction of planting seedlings, do not face the road, they will be cut down when they grow up.Locust or locust tree, and locust tree name, flowers are somewhat similar, the leaves are easy to distinguish, locust leaves much larger and hard, and locust leaves smaller, as soft as hu bean leaves.As shown below: Sophora.The following is an acacia tree:

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