The number of schools allocated for admission has increased to eight and the scope of independent admission has expanded……In 2022, dongguan high school enrollment policy has changed

Today (April 1) afternoon, dongguan Education Bureau held the “2022 High school enrollment Policy micro press conference”, a comprehensive interpretation of the city’s 2022 high school enrollment policy reform and optimization issues, in response to parents and friends concerned about hot issues, what are the specific changes?Let’s see!After in-depth research and argumentation, 3 more high quality ordinary high schools will be included in the quota allocation this year, and the quota allocation of schools in Our city will be expanded from the original 5 to 8.The three schools are: Dongguan Foreign Language School, Dongguan No.6 Senior High School and Dongguan Songshan Lake Future School.Among them, Dongguan Foreign Language School and Dongguan No.6 Senior Middle School have improved year by year in recent years, which have been widely recognized by the society.Dongguan Songshan Lake Future School is a high-quality public high school built by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government. It has a high starting point, a new educational concept, and its hardware and software facilities lead the future development trend.The quota allocation ratio of the three new schools is the same as that of the five high-quality regular high schools, including Dongguan Middle School, and is 50% of the enrollment plan excluding independent enrollment and special enrollment of children living with them.The eight high quality ordinary high schools included in the quota allocation only admit candidates from the first and second choice, and the second choice’s admission score is 20 points higher than the first choice.The gradient is usually 30 points, but this year it is adjusted to 20 points.Lowering the gradient difference is generally more conducive to students’ voluntary application.Candidates and parents should pay full attention to the changes in this policy.In addition, the enrollment policy of the quota allocation of our city will be the same as last year in terms of registration qualification conditions, allocation calculation method, admission rules, information disclosure and other aspects.This year, on the basis of continuing last year’s self-determined programs and the independent enrollment of high-level sports teams, we increased the enrollment of high-level art troupes and high-level science and technology clubs in ordinary senior high schools.This year, the number of students with special development in high level projects and self-determined projects independently enrolled by relevant senior high schools in our city has increased from less than 5% of the total number of students enrolled last year to 8% this year.Change three: the examination organization way is further standardized.The newly added high-level art troupe or science and technology club program is basically the same as the high-level sports team program last year in terms of the organization method, time arrangement and admission rules.In order to further ensure the fairness and justice of the examination, whether the school’s own project enrollment or high-level project enrollment, it is necessary to conduct the school examination first and then the joint examination. The joint examination is commissioned by the city’s admission office to set up a third-party institution to establish an expert database outside the city, and experts are randomly selected to form a joint examination evaluation team to evaluate the candidates.The second is the city’s unified delineation of all kinds of independent enrollment programs lower limit conditions.This year, our city has unified the minimum requirements for all kinds of independent enrollment qualifications.Among them, the enrollment and admission conditions for high-level projects are unified in the whole city and cannot be adjusted by the school.School since the project class, the ordinary high school can be in the city of autonomous enrolment application conditions, based on their own to improve professional requirements, examination scores, the overall quality appraisal rating as a condition of formal registration and enrollment, but not to reduce the registration and enrollment conditions, shall not modify the limiting conditions of enrolment and admission of the household registration.For better selection and training of students with special potential, and we will also actively explore the idea of small early high through training, set up the 3-2-1 reserve personnel transfer structure, namely: the construction of high level project selected high school of not less than 2 junior high school as a base, choose every junior high school of not less than 3 elementary schools as the base of school.Senior high schools participate in the teaching and training of junior high schools and primary schools.Media focus 1, each junior high school quota allocation to school indicators, is open to the public?Where can I find it?A: Relevant information was released voluntarily.The municipal Bureau of Education will announce the quota information of each junior high school in early May every year.Please pay attention to the education bureau’s official wechat official account “Dongguan Hui Education” and the information on the official website of the Education Bureau. You can also learn about the relevant information from your junior high school.Ii. Can registered students in private junior high schools participate in quota allocation and enrollment?Answer: Yes.Registered students studying in private junior high schools have the same rights and interests as registered students studying in public junior high schools, and can participate in quota allocation and enrollment.Will the scope of quota allocation be further expanded in the future?A: According to the requirements of superior documents, the direction of this policy is to gradually expand the scope of quota allocation.As to which schools to expand later, when to expand, the municipal bureau of Education will be based on ordinary high school level, social recognition, geographical location and other factors comprehensive evaluation study to determine.Iv. What are the differences between high-level programs and self-determined programs?Answer: High-level program enrollment only depends on professional ability and potential, which can be unlimited in household registration and cultural score. Special ability and development potential level are the admission conditions, but the admitted students must have the official school status of junior high schools in our city and sign up for the entrance examination of our city.The school from the project class admission line to the average score of the year (to the end of the whole) as the benchmark, the school can fluctuate up and down, 50 is divided into a first gear, the lowest is not less than the year of the city’s total average score of 100 points.Source | all media reporters Zhang Limeng edit | school time ▼ jun welfare or scan the qr code below to add school you as a friend

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