The bloody Battle of Changjin Lake, the collective charge of 100,000 volunteers, the First Trump division of the United States army was completely defeated

The bloody Battle of Changjin Lake, 100,000 volunteers collective charge, the First Trump division of the United States army was completely defeated!On September 27, 2020, a group of veterans who had left home for more than 70 years to sleep in a foreign land finally returned to the embrace of the motherland in shenyang Martyrs’ Park.More than 70 years ago, The Chinese volunteers marched proudly across the Yalu River and threw themselves into the queue to fight against the United States and aid North Korea. It was this group of brave volunteers who defeated the world hegemon at that time and played the confidence of the new China!There were several key turning points in this war, which lasted almost three years, and the battle of Chosin Lake, which we’re talking about today, is one of the most important turning points.After the end of the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union occupied the north and south of Korea respectively along the 38th Parallel, which foreshadowed the division of Korea.Between 1949 and 1950 alone, there were more than 2,000 border disputes between the south and north Korean regimes, which escalated into civil war.At the beginning of the war, the North Korean army overwhelmed the South and occupied nearly 90 percent of the Korean peninsula.After the defeat of the Kuomintang, the United States had lost its monitoring of China. Now, seeing the unification of the pro-Soviet North Korea on the verge of being expelled from the pro-American South Korea, the United States decided to intervene in the Affairs of the Korean Peninsula and support the South Korean government.In September 1950, the 10th American Army entered the battlefield. Facing the heavily armed and elite American forces, the North Korean side was obviously powerless to resist, and the war was steadily losing ground.Not only did the South recover much of the territory it had lost, but it turned into an offensive, launching an offensive against the North, and the North Korean regime was on the ropes.The Soviet Union, which stood alongside the United States at the time, did not want to confront the United States directly on North Korea, so North Korea had to look to its neighbor, China.At that time, Our country had just taken off from the baptism of war, waiting for prosperity, after receiving north Korea’s help, had repeatedly warned the United States, but the United States ignored our warning, determined to fire to the Yalu River.In October, the United States launched a major attack on Pyongyang, north Korea’s political center.To see the United States so defiant, the great man gave the order, China’s volunteers were out on a large scale, from Ji ‘an across the Yalu River into the Korean battlefield, at that time the United States did not think that China would intervene in the Korean battlefield, the warning of our leaders, as a tactical fraud.Even General MacArthur, the commander in chief of the United States Army, joked that the war would be over by Christmas and everyone would be home for the New Year.It wasn’t until our army launched a surprise attack in Beizhen to recapture Wenwenjing and routed the Allied forces that the United States finally realized that the Chinese volunteers had really come.In fact, at that time, it was hard for the US side to believe that the New China would have the courage to join the battlefield against it.In the eyes of the US side, China has just gone through the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation, and the whole country has been devastated by the war. Even if the future is promising, it still needs time to develop.How can a country that has just put down a war want to go on fighting?Moreover, even if Our country were to enter the Korean battlefield, it would only be equipped with backward weapons, and how could it compete with the well-equipped allied forces?But the determination of our leaders, and the courage of our volunteers, taught the young Union army a lesson.In the winter of 1950, jin long lake area, snowing at low temperature to minus 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, in such extreme weather, temporary received a notice, the people’s liberation army corps 9 thousands of stationed south, can’t even see the snow a few times in the year of the people’s liberation army soldiers, reimbursing, crossing the yalu river, to the natural conditions of the worst eastern battlefield.Due to the lack of time and resources, this group of soldiers rushed to the Korean battlefield, wearing thin single clothes, only a dozen people can get one or two quilts, in the cold of minus 45, a dozen support troops huddled together to warm each other.Every morning when I got up, there were several comrades who could not wake up. Not only was it cold, but the shortage of food was also a problem that could not be underestimated.At that time, the United States army occupied the control of the air, volunteers to transport supplies on the road, flying full of American aircraft.More than 40 trucks loaded with supplies were bombarded by American forces and disappeared, leaving nothing but ashes.At the time of volunteers, hungry can only face blunt cold potatoes, thirsty can only eat the snow on the ground, and the coalition, but wore a warm clothes, warm duck down sleeping bag to sleep just LianZhanDou boots, also of multilayer felt that are specially for adapt to the cold area, in addition to all kinds of cans for emergency operations,The American side even had Turkey, chocolate, cigarettes and other snacks. With such an obvious gap in equipment and materials, The Chinese support troops fought against the American troops.Started the war against the United States to aid Korea.In November of the same year, the Korean war on the western front began in an all-round way, but the ninth Corps in the eastern front, but calm let a person terrible, this temporary join the Korean eastern front battlefield volunteer army where?No one knows.Until the war was about to start, general MacArthur, the Commander of the United States army, finally got a piece of information, the volunteers of the 20th army and the 27th army lying in wait on both sides of the United States tenth Army, and the conceited MacArthur, this information is sneered at.He believes that in such a harsh natural environment, the volunteers in our country, may not hold up, but he really underestimate the Chinese soldiers, underestimated the will and determination of volunteers, the men from the south, from warm water in the summer, light clothing on a thin rubber shoes, with pure heart and vigor, is more than 50 degrees below zero in the long lake area, tianjin,Clutching his shotgun, he was ready to deliver a fatal blow to the most advanced American forces of his time.At ten o ‘clock in the evening, the wind was so strong that it seemed to scratch people’s flesh.The 10th legion most soldiers, hiding in his chariot against the chill wind, car like an old tortoise lurches forward, in the howling winds, the distant trees, suddenly coming out of the playing of a bugle call known as volunteers in voice with Shouting, the group of soldiers, like a silver shadow handle a sword, drawn both see blood, hard into the heart of the tenth army.Under the command of the volunteer commander, the soldiers of the 20th army and the 27th Army, all such as tigers down the mountain, destroyed the American formation, although the United States responded in time, but this is nothing but desperate resistance.After only a day of fighting, MacArthur realized the seriousness of the situation. He immediately ordered the 10th Army to break south, but the southern exit route had already been cut off.The American 10th Army, now alone, could only fight its way out.Backed by powerful American firepower, the tenth Army fled south as it fought and retreated.The first frontal battle took place in Yudam-ni. At that time, due to the advanced equipment and absolute air superiority of the American troops, our troops tried many times but failed to win the American positions and had to turn to the strategy of encircled without attacking.However, the Commander in chief of the United States, aware of the intention of our army, ordered the Tenth Army to open a gap by means of tanks. In the Battle of Yudamni, our army failed to surround the tenth Army due to the backwardness of equipment. The soldiers of five battalions suffered casualties and died, and the blood of their martyrs dyed the snow of the foreign land red.The second war took place in the emerging battlefields. At that time, the battle came to a stalemate. Our commanders decided to change their fighting methods and concentrate their forces on destroying one of the American positions.Midnight, volunteers with four times higher than the United States forces, through the perimeter of the United States circular positions, known as the Polar bear group of American trump group, under the surprise attack of the volunteers, all annihilated.This is the Korean War, our army only once completely annihilate the United States army a regiment of glorious events, for this, our army also paid a very painful price, the volunteer army 27 division, casualties as high as ten thousand people, seven company sacrifice, two regiments nearly played a bare.In December, the remnants of the American army at Yudam-ni withdrew to Hagaru-ri, the third battle in which life and death would ultimately be fought.At that time, the Volunteers had surrounded the American army, but the Advanced weapons of the American army, it took three days to build a road that can pass tanks, and in a short period of more than ten days, to build a temporary airport.Later, the U.S. from Japan sent a large number of weapons and ammunition and medical supplies, the whole course of the battle, the powerful logistics strength, is barren volunteers unimaginable at the time, in order to block the posterior support, volunteers once at all costs, wanted to blow up the gate bridge, but in front of the oppressed, volunteers us only in less than a few days,So they repaired the bridge again.Third blow bridge, volunteers in the formation of two companies of the death squads, everyone with more than 50 pounds of explosives to death, with flesh and blood will be the whole bridge blown to pieces, want to completely cut off the Rear road of the United States army.However, the U.S. military once again demonstrated its strong logistics strength. The bridge parts were hastily manufactured in Japan and flown to the U.S. positions overnight. In less than two days, the U.S. military rebuilt a new bridge.The Americans were eventually able to escape from the Watergate Bridge, and it’s worth noting that the day they withdrew from Hungnam Harbor was Christmas day in the United States.MacArthur, who had boasted that he would end the Korean War before Christmas, just returned home today. The arrogant American army was finally defeated on this day. The volunteers told the whole world with blood that the Chinese people could not fight.Bloody battle, long jin lake beyond everyone’s imagination, is only the tutor teacher 25000 people, all marines combat casualties of more than seven thousand people, workers are damaged more than seven thousand people, and volunteer corps 9 nearly forty thousand casualties, including more than thirty thousand per capita was frozen to death in the such terrible frostbite, ninth corps commander reported to the great man as mentioned the cable after the fighting began,Once there was a whole company of soldiers did not stand up from beginning to end, until the end of the war after exploration, only to find that the original whole company of soldiers were frozen to death in the previous ambush.It is in such a harsh environment, the material shortage of volunteers, with a fresh life one after another, shattered the illusion of the American army, with flesh and blood, defeated the steel and artillery.Changjin Lake battle played the Chinese prestige, played the blood of the volunteers, so that the American army thoroughly understand the blood of the Chinese, so that the United States thoroughly understand China, this gradually awakening of the lion of the East, is majestic and inviolable existence!After the battle at Chosin Lake, Major General Smith, who fled to the U.S., recalled the battle, saying, The Battle of Chosin Lake was fought by steel troops against iron men.A battle of Changjinhu made the American army thoroughly understand the power of The Chinese army. The victory of this battle shattered the ideals of the American empire, established the prestige of the volunteer army, completely reversed the situation of the Korean war and cheered the Korean people.In the world, hit the new China’s military power, no one can underestimate the tenacious Chinese people, even today!

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