Ice hockey star renounce His Canadian citizenship to fulfill his dream of playing for his country

At 21:10 on February 10, it was a historic moment.At the National Stadium, the Chinese men’s ice hockey team will make its Olympic debut against the powerful United States.Before the game, many team members expressed their patriotism through social platforms, highlighting the big picture.In this Winter Olympics, the Chinese men’s hockey team consists of 10 local players and 15 naturalized players. Most naturalized players have Chinese blood ties and it is their dream to play for the country.Captain Ye Jinguang, 36, is the oldest member of the Chinese sports delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Born in Vancouver, Canada, he was selected in the 2004 NHL draft by the Colorado Avalanche.He’s also a top crime scene investigation major at Boston University.On the evening of Feb 8, Ye wrote: “150 years ago, my ancestors fled to North America, but China has always been in the tradition of ye family.””I read a lot about Marbury, and I hope that my performance in the Olympics can really help Chinese hockey.””Welcome to the city of dreams!Come on, buddy!”On Feb 9, yuen Jun-kit, another star ice hockey player, also posted a long article expressing his patriotism.Yuen chun-kit was born in Vancouver on March 3, 1993. His father was from Hong Kong, China, and his mother was from Meizhou, Guangdong.In 2011, he was drafted by the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets, becoming the third Player of Chinese descent to be drafted by an NHL team. He also represented Canada’s national youth team at the World Junior Championships.Yuan has been playing in the Chinese Mainland Hockey League (KHL) for Beijing Kunlun Red Star since 2016.Since 2017, Yuan has repeatedly said that he is willing to give up his Canadian citizenship in order to play for the Chinese hockey team.He did it!”Growing up in a family proud of the motherland and proud of the Chinese civilization, THE words and deeds of the last two generations make me very proud to be a Chinese,” Yuan wrote in a long article on The 9th.Representing China, he says, is the greatest dream of his life.In the end, Yuan said, “As long as we keep learning, don’t become complacent and don’t feel inferior, I would like to spend my whole life growing and making progress with China.I sincerely invite elites from all fields of the world to return home together for the continuation of the Chinese national spirit from generation to generation.”The Chinese men’s ice hockey team also has a player – Zheng Enlai, his maternal grandmother is the famous high jump Zheng Fengrong, sister is China’s heptathlon zheng Ninali.Jeong said, I feel honored to continue the family tradition of serving the country.This is the moment I’ve been dreaming about!”

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