Audi S4 35000 km car experience!

Hello everyone, I am chestnut.In the past period of time, I have been driving an electric car, and roughly estimated that the charging cost of 6000 kilometers is about 1000 yuan. If I drive an S4 with such kilometers, IT would cost at least 6000 yuan, or even 7000 yuan, so the electric car saves me at least 5000 yuan in energy consumption.So, I’m gonna take the $5,000 and give it to Violet, who’s been parked in the basement for four months, for a good makeover.The focus of this time is to change oil maintenance and replace the front and rear brake pads.My S4 is the emission of country 5, so I can choose the oil freely.I changed the oil of 5W-40 before because I needed to run on track day, but now this car is completely a family scooter, so I plan to use the 0W-30 label this time.Italian brand Eni was chosen for the oil this time. I will tell you about it in the video.Eni, a fortune 500 company, has a high global influence, comparable to total, Mobil, Castrol and Shell, but it is not well known in The Chinese market.Some car fans may recognize the Logo of the Six Legs Spitfire dog. In 1974, it partnered with Ferrari F1 team, became MOTO GP title sponsor and official oil supplier in 2010, and was named Monza Circuit in Italy in 2017.I first know Eni oil is MTM, the famous German modified brand, because Eni is their designated oil brand.For brake pads, I chose Endlees MX72, and its performance was unquestionable in terms of braking effect and foot feel.Especially in the front is a 6-piston caliper. The price of the original brake pads provided by Agipolo is only 400 yuan different from the MX72 (market price), so there is really no reason not to choose Endless.After a maintenance, the small purple is a new look.There is also a very important reason for recording this program, is to talk with you about the audi S4 in the past three years, some of my journey, which also includes some of the issues you care about.For example: 1. My evaluation of the car so far;2. How do I feel about the introduction of audi S4 Avant?3. Have you considered changing cars?4. What changes have been made to this car and the reasons behind the changes and non-changes?In the second half of this episode, I’m going to be honest with you.If you are an Audi S4 owner or are watching, I would like to give you some reference.If you are more concerned about the driving experience, advantages and disadvantages of the Audi S4, take it with you, the effect will be better!

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