Sniper behind the scenes, bold use of new seamless close to the role

Zhang Yimou deserves the title of national master.The opening of the 2008 Olympic Games and the Opening of the Winter Olympics, there are Chinese unique romantic, beautiful cry and meaning!Zhang Director is too busy, their own movies have no time to see, the end of the work to see the Internet evaluation.Fortunately, the audience feel very good, good word of mouth!Even with a small number of screenings, the box office has reached hundreds of millions.Zhang likes to audition new actors for many of his films.Zhou Dongyu, for example, is now developing very well.This time it’s all young soldiers, handpicked at universities.When I went to the audition, I didn’t know what role it was or what movie it was. Many of my classmates went to the audition, and so did those kids.After the election began training, not afraid you do not understand, afraid you do not work hard.Sniper hands can’t be too stable, two months of practice with a kettle full of water hanging from the gun.If you’ve been in the army, it’s hard.Don’t look down upon it. I’ve been told that when I was a soldier, I’d rather run two 5k’s than practice holding a gun, leaving tears, sweat and snot streaming down the back.Two hours of shaking hands, physical overdraft!There’s nothing you can do. Get up and continue!Sometimes the new emotion expression is not in place, but Zhang director is very patient, play, wait for him, not impatient nor scold.Let him shout as loudly as he can, so that the emotions will be in place faster.It is not that there are no outstanding talents, there is no such good Bole as Zhang Yimou.Each of the new recruits played very well this time.For example, Liu Dayong, watching comrades sacrifice in front of their own, will be afraid to cry will complain, but more often is sharp eyes, calm, with superb technology to destroy each other!Very proud!And Humpty Dumpty, the boy whose name hasn’t been given, carrying the iron plate to pull it up, the rope tied to the iron plate is broken, he holds it with his hands, both his hands are broken, and he gets shot.Before being shot, he said: My son is called Iron Plate.Very touching!Look at these young faces, eighteen or nine years old, for the new China, are buried in the snow mountains.Really, let more of these young actors in the future!If you don’t have acting skills, don’t praise them!Respect the wishes of the audience!

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