Jiangxi province added nanchang to the list of “1+9” social prevention and control areas

People queue up for nucleic acid collection in a small district of Xinjian district in Nanchang, East China’s Jiangxi province, March 29, 2019.Nanchang, March 30 (Xinhua) — According to the Health Commission of Jiangxi Province on Sunday, there was 1 new confirmed case and 9 asymptomatic cases in the province, all of which were in Nanchang.The newly confirmed case was detected through screening in the control zone and was clinically mild, the notification said.Among the nine new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, one case was imported from outside the province, three cases were found among close contacts under quarantine and observation, and five cases were found in key areas such as containment and control zones.Six new confirmed cases were recovered and discharged from hospital in Jiangxi On Tuesday, while 21 asymptomatic cases were released from medical isolation.As of 24:00 On March 29, there were 47 local hospitalized cases in Jiangxi, and 295 asymptomatic cases in the province.People queue up for nucleic acid collection in a district of Xinjian District in Nanchang, East China’s Jiangxi province, March 29, 2019.According to the national and provincial requirements for regional and hierarchical prevention and control of COVID-19, nanchang city has adjusted and demarcated the social prevention and control areas of the epidemic.Among them, as the nanchang city focus on prevention and control the epidemic area, new district unlock songhu town, guo road, lane 450 5 floor, huaguo mountain anju district, jindi blue bay, shigang town, 15 of the long march road, the new long march road, electric bike shop’s storied building centralization, and the new stone port township health centers, looking at new city town B2, B4 area such as centralization.Unit 1, Building B20, Xinli Dibowan Residential area is designated as the sealed control area in Nanchang Economic development Zone, and the management of “regional closure, staying indoors and door-to-door service” is implemented.The enclosed areas east of Nanchang Ring Expressway, south of Yuping West Street, west of huangjia Lake shoreline, and north of the inter-regional boundary of the opening area are designated as controlled areas, and the management of “no people leaving the area and no gathering is allowed” is implemented.Nanchang County (Xiaolanjing Open area) epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters announced on March 30, the local Fushan Village sanshan control area, control area, prevention area lifted lockdown control measures.(after)

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