Important!Huli District has issued a notice on epidemic prevention and control work for qingming Festival in 2022

Tomb-sweeping day will come, as a whole to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control and the masses martyrs’s services during the qingming festival, according to the city to COVID work headquarters [2022] no. 5-19 outbreak notice spirit, combining the reality of the epidemic prevention and control in our district, will now clear 2022 martyrs epidemic prevention and control work order is as follows: one, the entire district to suspend all kinds of symbol and other martyrs organize the qingming festival activities.2. All cemeteries and cemeteries within the area shall suspend the reception of memorial activities for sweeping, and relevant service management organizations and staff shall conduct the sweeping for free.3. In all streets and communities (urban villages), the ashes building (center) will suspend the mass on-site worship activities, and the village (residential) elderly association can uniformly send representatives (no more than 5 people) for the worship.Gathering sacrificial activities in ancestral temples, ancestral houses and folk places are prohibited.Fourth, advocate the expression of the memory of the martyrs and ancestors through home memorial, writing messages, telling the story of ancestors and online worship (I xiamen wechat public account online worship platform ‘Xiamen Cloud Festival Garden’) and other forms.V. All residents shall not leave the building unless necessary, and shall not go to key areas of Shanghai, Changchun, Jilin and other medium-high risk areas. They shall minimize movement and eating in public places, take personal protection when going out, wear masks, wash hands frequently, have regular ventilation, and avoid gathering in groups and dining together.Vi. All non-local people entering Xialai Lake and local people returning to Xialai Lake must take a nucleic acid test at the nearest place immediately after entering xialai Lake (free of charge until April 13) for 3 consecutive days and report to the community or work unit.All enterprises, public institutions and landlords in the whole district must fulfill their main responsibilities and urge their employees returning to xiamen or commercial personnel, truck drivers and their copassengers to take nucleic acid tests. When checking the travel codes at checkpoints in communities and villages, nucleic acid tests must be carried out at the same time for those who come from other places to xiamen.Residents should take the initiative to report any non-resident entering the building.Party members and cadres in the district, deputies to people’s congresses at all levels, members of CPPCC committees, staff of government organs, enterprises and public institutions, and the “two committees” of villages (communities) should play a leading role in managing their families and relatives, and encouraging their neighbors to consciously abide by relevant regulations.Viii. This notice shall take effect as of today.Residents and friends are requested to understand, support and cooperate. Those who violate this notice will be severely punished according to law and regulations.With: 1, nucleic acid testing sample point 2 in the city, the lake district communities contact telephone huli district to COVID – 19 outbreak work headquarters on April 2, April 2, 2022 in the lake district 25 convenient sampling points in complete form the lake area for the convenience of the nucleic acid samples latest (click on image to enlarge view) (specific open case will be subject to each point actual daily) attached:The telephone contact list for each street and community in Huli District is attached:Xiamen area other nucleic acid testing sample point summary (scan code view) vaccinated within 48 hours after without nucleic acid detection for nucleic acid detection should wear a face mask when kept one-meter line distance gathered, lumpy, avoid cross-infection headlines jun again called on everyone in good personal protective please actively participate in vaccination at the same time, build immune barrier forward together!Collection!Do a good job of personal protection, do not take epidemic prevention lightly, everyone’s responsibility!Headline reply upgrades for the lake in the lake district nucleic acid detection sampling point location and navigation to reply a key query nucleic acid testing sample point reply traffic distribution to obtain the daily new crown vaccination points open replies into the lake district employment service system for the lake district maternal and child health care appointment channel response feedback city management problem back into the business hall anytime and anywhere the original title:Important! Huli District issued a notice on epidemic Prevention and control work for Qingming Festival in 2022

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