Haining intersection mother and child was knocked down, a gang “flash” lift car!

Haining city on February 14, 18 when 41 beautiful jiangnan avenue road on a woman driving electric bicycle in intersection turn left when the lane to the left turn the small car knocked the woman trapped children in the backseat of a car was knocked to the ground in critical condition a white woman rushed to the scene of the accident after picked up the middle of the road baby she call people around to help save a, two,Three……More than ten passing pedestrians and drivers also came together to rescue the woman trapped in the car from the gathering to rescue dispersed less than 4 minutes, although the woman was involved in the car after the collision, but fortunately was not crushed by the wheel, plus the correct wearing of the helmet, was hit by the mother and son both no serious harm.Later we found the white woman immediately rushed out save save woman named yu-xia wu, haining native, is the enterprise financial personnel to recall situation at that time, ms wu was concerned “at that time, I’m waiting for the red light, suddenly heard a big noise” pursuing the she saw a car electric car knocked by a car “I saw a car underneath people!I screamed and ran as the car kept going!”Ms Wu said it was quite a shock when she heard the noise and looked over while the scooter was still being pushed. “I didn’t see any children at that time, I just heard the mother Shouting under the car to look at my child first!”Ms wu hurriedly ran to the car after firmly protect children from the traffic peak in order not to difficult also to traffic safety you happen to coincide the ground the yu-xia wu quickly leave the child in her arms with them moved to the side of the road safety area waiting for the arrival of 120 ms wu said to see the situation for the first time save by instinct and the rescue not only let her feel the people to come”Big love “makes her feel a mother’s love although ruthless people love the great accident rescue lasted only for two minutes but all directions of warm to cold night for haining people thumb up the correspondent: with love even hao Chu zi-jian cao made into: chu zi-jian cao responsible editor: Wang Zhenhao audits: chang chun spot is the best support to us!

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