Three green Onions: Three old men rely on the “poison chicken soup” circle of millions of fans, netizens: every word is life wisdom!

Three old men from the countryside, with no background and no team, have gone viral on the Internet with their “dialect version” of chicken soup sayings, bringing joy to netizens at the same time, but also making us wet eyes.From small achievements in the self, in life bloom color, this child tooth fun colorful life record will take you close to ten million net red “three Onions”.The three men in the video are Lu Wanrong, hou Yonglan, and Lu Jianchang, the name of their group, which is called “Three Onions” because they can’t live without a condiment like “Onions”.Speaking of the network of three old men, it would also like to thank their local 90 young lu Jiawei.In 2020, Lu gave up his business and went back to his hometown to start a business with his friends. However, it was not easy to make a career in his hometown. Later, Lu came up with the idea of short video shooting as a way to promote the culture of his hometown and make money.So he went to his relative Hou Yonglan and asked him to make short videos with him.But the old man is busy planting crops every day, not to mention short videos.Lu Jiawei told Hou Yonglan his ideas, Hou Yonglan answered the test, but also called his good friends from childhood to play, Lu Wanrong, Lu Jianchang, and set up a three-person combination, officially began shooting.At the beginning of the shooting, the three old men had to go back and forth for many times because of their inexperience and inability to remember their lines. They had to dress up in ashes for the plot, and sometimes they had to make exaggerated expressions for the lines.In the first video, Lu jianchang jumped dozens of times on a small dirt slope for just one movement. Although he was out of breath at the end, the old man insisted on presenting his best performance to everyone.The videos shot by “Three Onions” are divided into two series, one is “Love the Mountains and Oceans” and the other is “Life without Onions”. “Love the Mountains and Oceans” mainly focuses on “love” and is mostly about love quotes of three old men, while “Life without Onions” is about short jokes about positive life.Of course, they didn’t express their views directly in language, but in the local dialect, in the form of a dialogue between three people, which really left a deep impression on the Internet.The three old men’s idiomatic dialect and funny acting skills have attracted the attention of many netizens. The “Three Onions” has 8.76 million fans on a short video platform, and has accumulated more than 10 million fans online.With a fan base, the team began to plan live with goods, the characteristics of their hometown agricultural products into the broadcast room, but also greatly promoted the development of the village.After last year’s torrential rain in Henan province, the team donated a lot of supplies to the disaster area. Although they are popular online, they are still honest and kind in their bones.With no background or funding, a motion camera, a laptop and three old men who had never been involved in short video, short video accounts became so popular.The local government also attaches great importance to the development of the team, also specially will offer them as idle school to assist office space, and, with the development of the “three green” more and more young people begin to pay close attention to my hometown, there are more and more interested in returning youth entrepreneurship, help home out of poverty, perhaps this is the positive energy web celebrity in today’s world.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.If you like my article, please follow me, like me and forward, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to write better articles.END to carry a knife

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