The suspect who falsely claimed to help buy low-price parking Spaces was detained by bincheng police

Would you believe someone who told you they had “connections” and could buy a parking space significantly cheaper than the market price?Recently, bincheng police criminal detention suspected of fraud suspects.On January 21, bincheng police received a citizen Ms. Zhang reported that he was cheated.In November 2021, Zhang met a man surnamed Cui through a friend.Cui claims to know some residential developers, can help buy the residential area at a low price two underground parking Spaces.Ms. Zhang fell for it and transferred 170,000 yuan to the other party.But later, not only did not buy the desired parking space, but also learned that Choi diverted the money for other purposes.Cui finally admitted that he did not know the developers of the residential area, money has been squandered.Handling the case police quickly carry out research and judgment work, soon locked suspect Cui mou (male, 36 years old).On February 10, 2022, the police arrested Cui.After investigation, Cui mou claimed to know community developers, banks and loan company leadership, to help others to buy parking at a low price, for loans, has cheated Ms Zhang and other victims total more than 200,000 yuan.At present, the suspect Cui mou to its suspected fraud of criminal behavior confessed, was detained in accordance with the law on February 11.The case is under further investigation.Police remind “go relationship” not reliable!Please the majority of citizens in the investment, shopping, friends in the process of polishing eyes, do not believe the “ability of people” claiming to be “powerful”, to choose formal channels, official channels.Blindly “be greedy for cheap”, “look for back door”, just obtained temporary satisfaction psychology, can only regret after causing loss unceasingly.

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