“Tencent was born in Huaqiangbei!”Cuiyuan Dongxiao organized students to “cloud” view the museum to recall the history of Pengcheng

How did Shenzhen develop?Why is Huaqiangbei known as the first electronic street in China?Where was Tencent born?In order to enrich the history teaching, enhance students’ interest in history learning and deepen students’ understanding of Shenzhen, on the afternoon of April 2nd, the history Lesson Preparation group of Grade 2 of Grade 2 of Cuiyuan Dongxiao Middle School cooperated with Huaqiangbei Museum to lead students to visit the museum “On the Cloud”.With the above questions, the students entered the “Cloud” museum. The first thing they saw was the theme wall of “Huaqiang North Eternal Rhythm” full of sense of science and technology. Then, two instructors led them to the entrance of the exhibition with beautiful voices.The exhibition titled “Cradle of Entrepreneurship, Paradise of Innovation” in Huaqiangbei Museum consists of four exhibition halls: development Dream, entrepreneurship Dream, innovation dream and future dream.In the Development Dream Exhibition hall, students went through more than 40 years of time and traced the development of Shenzhen and Huaqiangbei. They saw the approval document of The State Council to set Shenzhen as a special economic zone.Felt that people “fight their way out” of the spirit;Understand the meaning of “huaqiang before road” and what is “three to one complement” “external introduction and internal line”.The screen display of the procurement process of electronic components in the era of planned economy impressed the students. The classic products of mobile phones since they entered the Chinese market triggered heated discussion in the discussion area.The exhibition hall of Entrepreneurship Dream restored the classic one-meter counter of Huaqiangbei, in which Hello Kitty and mobile phones in the shape of cars impressed students deeply.We also know that Tencent was born in Huaqiangbei. Huaqiangbei Mobile Phone Products Co., Ltd. in the exhibition hall can also DIY their own simulated mobile phones offline.The module of maker information and product structure in the Innovation Dream Exhibition hall provided the interaction of field experience. Although students could not directly experience online, the instructor prepared an online question and answer session with prizes for them, and students actively participated in the interactive atmosphere.Finally, we enjoyed the film “I am Huaqiangbei” in the Future Dream Exhibition hall.After the film, the narrator asked the students for their feelings about the cloud View museum.Although it was only half an hour, the “Cloud on” tour reviewed the development of Shenzhen and Huaqiang North over the past 40 years, so that dongxiao students fully feel the spirit of shenzhen people dare to think and work hard, and have the courage to innovate.Zhao Zimo, Class 2, Grade 2: Today, we cuiyuan East Xiao students visited Huaqiang North Museum in the “cloud”, quite touched.As a Chinese saying goes, “Huaqiang comes before the road”, the strength of China cannot be separated from construction, and huaqiang North is named after this, which is also worthy of this name.Huaqiangbei is a veritable entrepreneurial paradise, as well as “the first electronic street in China”, where countless entrepreneurs with dreams have found their own direction.Shenzhen has become a prosperous metropolis in just a few decades, thanks to shenzhen people who have the courage to innovate and open up.We should learn and inherit their spirit to make Shenzhen prosperous and the world strong.Wu Yutong of the eighth class of the second grade: “water accumulation and fish gather, wood MAO and bird set.”Shenzhen is where it is today because of relevant policies and talent gathering, and because of the hard work and innovative spirit of shenzhen people.The development of Shenzhen tells us that we should make full use of policy advantages, pay attention to attracting talents and formulate policies to retain talents.Lai Zhaoqi, Third class, Experiment Department, Grade two: Huaqiangbei Museum is full of science and technology!Each link of the museum is set up to experience interactive projects, so that we can interact with the history, present and future through the screen, making it a unique museum that decodes the innovative spirit of The Times, delivers cutting-edge information of science and technology, and leads the trend of art!Zhang Xiaojun, Class 10, Experiment Department, Grade 2: What impreses me most about technology is the “mind power headband”. After wearing the headband, you can control the speed of the machine with your mind.Very impressive!It also reflects shenzhen’s innovation.Through this museum “visit”, we saw the “Shenzhen speed” leap development process.(source: crystal APP) editor Li Yilin audit wheat seeding wormwood (author: crystal newspaper reporters Gu Rong correspondent ZhuangPeiQin Guo Qixin / Grade school second day classes each director/photo) statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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