Story: God has a plan

At the door of a residential building facing the street, an old woman of more than 70 years old with inconvenient movement got a little tired walking in the street and sat on a bench to rest on the right side of the door of the residential building.The old lady had just sat down to arrange her large handbag on her lap when her crutch fell into the street and fell a little far away.She looked around and saw, on the other side of the door, a very gentle guy with glasses like herself, who was standing idly eating on the street. Thinking that if she got up to pick it up, it would be difficult to bend down at her own fat body, she looked at him.”Can you pick up my crutches?””She said to the young man on the other side, who nodded his head and said,” Easy!””Thank you!The old woman waited happily for the young man to bring her crutches.However, after a period of time, there is still no sign of action to see the young man, or keep leaning against the wall eating posture.With a sigh of disappointment, the old woman struggled to her feet from the bench and shuffled down the street to retrieve her crutches.When she left the bench and bent down to pick up her crutches in the street, a loud bang behind her made her turn around quickly.From a few floors up, a large piano fell from the sky and smashed into the bench where the old woman had been sitting.Imagine if she hadn’t left the bench, the grand piano would have hit her!Recovering from her fright, the woman turned to the young man and said, “Thank you, Sir, for not doing anything.”The young man smiled and said politely, “Yes!”Keep eating the food out of his hands.Many things in life may not all from your wish, loss is also gain, gain can also lose.Believe it or not, there is a plan.

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