How to prevent “language misunderstanding” in communication

01 The purpose of communication is to make the other party understand your ideas or reach the consensus you expect to walk into the other party’s mind is the real communication, if we can’t make the other party clearly understand the intention we express, then even if you are fully prepared, it means meaning at all.

In the first two chapters, I talked about the relationship between emotional intelligence, emotion and communication. In this chapter, we will talk about “how to effectively let the other party know what you want to express”.We often in the campus or life in the circle of friends or life circle, encounter a common “enemy” is misunderstood.What are the keys to emotional and emotional intelligence?If human relationship is a small stream, misunderstanding is a huge reef in the stream.Being misunderstood by others is really painful. For “introverted” and “taciturn” students, they can’t explain themselves well after being misunderstood, and even “tears flow down their stomps”. Even though both sides make great efforts to make each other understand their real intentions, misunderstandings are still easy to happen inadvertently.On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger planes collided on the runway at Los Rodeos Airport in Tenerife, Spain’s Canaria Islands, in the northwest Pacific Ocean off Africa.In a flash led to the deaths of 583 passengers and crew, caused the biggest civil aviation history of the plane crash, the team found that because radio contact failure happened to the Dutch airlines plane in the tube to the center issued a command only understand the first half of the sentence, the error of understanding the meaning of the second half sentence, who issued the “I’m ready,”Ok, ok, I’ll get back to you” was the response. A radio error meant the captain only heard the words “OK” and didn’t hear them correctly, which led to the crash.This is a true story that our language teacher told us when I was studying language: what he wanted to say is the same as what I want to tell you. When I was learning language, my teacher told us:”This sad story is not to make you afraid to fly, but to make you understand why you need to learn the language, why you need to learn to understand me.”The reason is very simple, suppose I can’t understand people in a foreign country, I can’t even survive, and suppose you, as students, can’t express your thoughts very well.04 for family you will have the generation gap, for school, you will make the teacher can’t give you the most need of help you would make your classmates away cause psychological burden, for college students, you have been alone long enough, the society has its own social group, and “isolation is unable to correctly establish emotional intelligence”.Don’t let it happen again and again.

To get to the point, how can we prevent “language misunderstanding” in communication?My summary includes the following three aspects:Mark, when many are not good at expression is the key to misunderstanding began, so exercise their eloquence and expression ability is the basis of avoid misunderstanding, in many cases if their accuracy, some thoughtful, style and easy some may avoid many misunderstandings arise, also can let oneself less injustice, the sad times, and anxiety…Ask each other to repeat: if in the process of communication, you do not timely understand the meaning of the other party, you can ask the other party to repeat, has confirmed the intention of the other party you will not be wrong, at this point, many students will feel: “this is not good?How rude is that?”In fact, on the contrary, you can imagine that if your goal is the same, the repetition of the period will not be excessive, rather than your final goal will be mistaken and both efforts will be wasted, don’t you think?Fully prepared you want language: both sides communication before in psychological ready to build the language, can be in touch with an article, let oneself mood stable, let emotional intelligence lead your mind, let your IQ build your speak logic, perfectly express what you want in this paper, the point of view, and so it is not easy to each other to understand your speech is misunderstanding or deviations.05 In a word, communication is if people can hear more clearly and accurately, so that their language is more straightforward, in the current learning environment, we should cherish the time with classmates, after all, we should remember that the time in the campus is really the happiest time.When I was a kid, I also like most students, flew straight to grow up, but really go to the society just detection, the parents give us protection, school really is “LOVE” to our knowledge, to cherish, to put the knowledge learned their mind but not to “IQ” keeping all of my knowledge, learn to use their emotional intelligence,Let intelligence mind logic and eloquence, properly handle emotions, then you will be a perfect person out of the campus that day, you must be the beginning of “success”!That’s all for this article. Thank you for reading. Wu Xiaoyuan wishes you progress in your studies and a happy life!The significance and role of high EQ Communication To learn more exciting content, come to yuan Said finance # education #

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