Evergrande women’s football team disbandedThe winner of the Asian Cup has asked to leave the team for further study abroad

News from sports media “Dailao Ming’s Sports World” posted on social media platform said that after Guangzhou Evergrande issued the lowest salary limit in history, the Guangzhou women’s football team was forced to halt operations because it had no money.The women’s national football Championship, which will be held in March 2022, will also be excluded.In addition, Zhang Linyan, who won the Asian Cup and is a member of evergrande’s elite, has applied to leave the Guangzhou Women’s Football Club.Guangzhou Women’s Football team finished third in the women’s League One in the 2021 season. They lost 2-0 to Sichuan Women’s football team in the final round of the play-off and ended up regrettably finishing third in the third place.When female league start, Evergrande spread to exit the news, this caused a shock to the idea of women’s football team, guangzhou, and play an aberration in the first phase of the game, but later Evergrande operation is relatively stable, the guangzhou team in the second stage of the game made seven wins and a draw 2 record, and won the third place.The goal this year was to surpass, but now, it is not possible.In fact, this is quite understandable. According to the salary limit documents released by Evergrande, people mainly want to keep Evergrande Football School and continue to support the operation of Guangzhou Football Team on this premise.However, once the salary limit document is issued, it is bound to lead to all capable players will leave the team, which is also considered by Evergrande.They can have football players aged 00 and 01 carry the flag and play in the Asian Champions League.Under such a premise, Evergrande is said to have registered a new club, Guangzhou Hengyue Football Club, on December 17. The legal person of the club is the deputy general manager of Evergrande football School, who is in charge of tournament operations.According to sports media and Wei Pun, evergrande is likely to further select players in the 2003-05 age group to play in the Champions League.It is not hard to see that Evergrande’s idea is to let all the players of Evergrande Football School enter the adult football league.So, given that Evergrande doesn’t have the money, or doesn’t want to put money into its operations, guangzhou women’s soccer naturally becomes a liability.At present, the head coach of the Guangzhou Women’s football team is the 41-year-old Li Kun, and there are 26 members of the team, among which there are zhang Linyan, He Qingyin, Liu Yuyan, Tan Qing and other powerful women’s football players. Their future destiny will meet some problems.It is said that Zhang Linyan will go abroad next, and this idea has been basically confirmed by Football newspaper.But what happens to the rest of the women’s team remains to be seen.On the premise that The equity reform of Guangzhou team has not been completely completed, Evergrande probably wants to lay down the women’s football club unconditionally. In this way, it also provides convenient conditions for the Guangzhou municipal government to take over Guangzhou Women’s football Club.Anyway, operating expenses are not much, so the possibility of guangzhou women’s football to continue to exist next or some.

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