Zibo Village Public Welfare Chorus on the Children’s Spring Festival Gala!

Huhusheng make Spring Festival!On January 23, 2022, the charity program “Sing Folk Songs to the Party Again”, brought by the children of Zibo Village Public Welfare Chorus, was performed on the stage of Zibo Children’s Spring Festival Gala!At 5 o ‘clock in the morning, the children of zibo Village Public Welfare Chorus set out from Huan Tai and Linzi respectively, and gathered at zibo Radio and Television Building at 6:30 to get ready for the stage and participate in the recording of zibo Children’s Spring Festival Gala.The teacher said that the children were so excited that they could not sleep at night, but excited!9 o ‘clock, the program recording officially began!The children’s plain and beautiful voice and sincere emotion won the praise of the director group: “The addition of public welfare special programs and positive energy elements add a lot of luster to this children’s Gala.”In order to promote the development of rural aesthetic education characteristics, help rural children’s music dream.In October 2021, jointly initiated by Zibo Women’s Federation, Zibo Women and Children’s Career Development Center and Zibo Radio and TV station, and organized by FM100 Zibo Traffic Music Radio, the village public welfare activity of “Child friendly · Aesthetic Education growth” was fully launched.In Huantai County Qifeng Middle School, Linzi District Qiling Street No. 2 Middle School simultaneously established the Zibo Village public welfare chorus.After the establishment of the choir, the specially invited instructors into the country schools to carry out music education training exchanges, to the school music education, music clubs and music activities to give professional guidance, has been carried out nearly ten.Zhang Hongna, a teacher at Qifeng Middle School in Huantai County, said that the children enjoyed and were willing to participate in the chorus training, which not only learned music knowledge, but also improved their confidence.It is a very precious experience for the children to have the opportunity to stage in the whole city. Thank you for your efforts.It is understood that zibo Children’s Spring Festival Gala has gone through the course of 13 years, there are more than 30,000 children on the Spring Festival Gala stage.Zibo 2022 children’s Spring Festival gala has come from the city’s various districts and counties of more than 1000 children, through dance, a variety of forms such as language, vocal music, instrumental music, full display the city children’s positive, sunshine and lively spirit, for the city’s viewers a new era full of childlike innocence, tong qu, festival show zibo children of audio-visual feast.Light up the future with love, fly dreams with music!

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