Pay attention!Health codes can be transcoded online Henan added 3 cases yesterday

From 00:00 to 24:00 on January 24, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 18 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases (6 in Xinjiang, all in Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture;Five cases were reported in Beijing, including four in Fengtai district and one in Chaoyang District.3 cases in Henan province, all in Anyang City;2 cases in Hebei province, both in Xiongan New Area;1 case in Tianjin, southern Tianjin district;1 case in Shanghai, fengxian District).There were 18 asymptomatic cases in China (16 in Xinjiang, all in Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture;1 case in Beijing, fengtai District;1 case in Liaoning, Shenyang).Health code how to transcode online, notice has come in view of the recent people reflect more concentrated remote coding, hotline difficult to call, cumbersome process and other difficult transcoding problems, in order to smooth the health code transcoding channels, and effectively provide convenience for the masses, Henan province health code (” Yushoban “Alipay terminal) online transcoding registration function.People can enter the health code transcoding registration page of Henan Province through the link of “Health Code Transcoding Registration” at the bottom of henan Province health Code (” Yu Shi Office “Alipay terminal), and submit their personal commitment, communication big data travel card, nucleic acid test certificate and other appeal materials.Don’t get lost in THE Tang River

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