Malone District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision held a symposium on discipline inspection and supervision in 2022

On February 14, in the afternoon, the district commission for discipline inspection area supervisor committee held the 2022 symposium of discipline inspection, the conference by the standing committee of the district party committee, secretary of the district commission for discipline inspection, area supervisor committee director RuanJiHuan host, district commission for discipline inspection area supervisor committee members of the leadership, the villages and towns (street) ji (Labour) appoint secretary, district party committee, the inspector agencies, each station (a) institutions, authority departments staff more than 90 people attend the meeting.At the meeting, heads of discipline (industry) committees of township (sub-district), inspection institutions of district committees, dispatched (dispatched) institutions and departments of organs exchanged speeches on “work highlights, experiences and deficiencies in 2021 and work plans, opinions and suggestions in 2022”.At the same time, members of the leadership team of the district commission for Discipline inspection also pointed out the outstanding problems existing in the contact work in the past year, and carried out arrangements for this year’s work.In his concluding speech, Ruan pointed out that in the past year, the discipline inspection and supervision work in the district has made many breakthroughs, highlights are frequent, worthy of affirmation.However, while recognizing our achievements, we must also face up to the gaps. There are still shortcomings in proactive thinking, active action, joint cooperation and exemplary role. All departments should adhere to problem-oriented, targeted treatment and make up for shortcomings.Ruan called for confidence in the job.All departments should further unify their thinking, clarify their goals, strengthen their confidence, and enhance their sense of responsibility.Be proactive in your work.Always maintain the enthusiasm for work and tenacious perseverance, with enthusiasm to work more dry more vigorous, with perseverance in the face of difficulties to persevere to solve problems, work results and work experience will continue to accumulate;Make a list of things to do.Make the work task list, list responsibility, force the work to advance with the target responsibility;We should strengthen communication and grasp the work.Ask for instructions and report to superiors when encountering problems, and strengthen internal communication;Coordinate linkage to catch the work.Strengthen the linkage mechanism of “room group and ground”, enhance joint cooperation and form joint force of work;To enhance the ability to grasp the work.Combined with the actual development of effective learning and training plans, purposeful and planned to carry out theoretical learning and business knowledge learning, overcome the “ability panic”;We must improve our style of work.We should refrain from formalism and bureaucratism, improve our work style, and promote a style of work in which we do our best to get things done and have the courage to manage our work. We should increase our awareness of delegating our work to ourselves and our organizations, constantly improve our work style and efficiency, and pay close attention to the implementation of our work.Author/Reviewed by Qiu Dong/Fang Jun

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