Shanxi comprehensive reform zone demonstration area: creating excellent environment and planting fertile soil for enterprise development

On February 10, shanxi transformation comprehensive reform demonstration zone of small and medium-sized enterprise industrial park staff again came to the renovation of Taiyuan Keweida New technology Development Co., LTD. Plant site, the enterprise staff accommodation, water and electricity supporting transformation, into the area procedures for tracking office.”Thanks to the park’s ‘housekeeping’ service, we were able to move in as soon as possible, relieving the urgent needs of enterprises.”The head of the company is very grateful to the park staff.In accordance with the principle of government guidance and market operation, the Sme Industrial Park of Shanxi Comprehensive Transformation Demonstration Zone is invested by Shanxi Jiaotong Investment Group and co-built with the management Committee of comprehensive Transformation Demonstration Zone.The park is located in the southeast corner of the intersection of Frau Road and Zhanghua Street, covering an area of about 1000 mu. It is planned to build standardized workshops and production service facilities of about 1 million square meters, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan.At the same time, adhering to the concept of service, cooperation and win-win, the park will help enterprises get preferential policies such as tax contribution reward, innovation and development reward and special support fund, so as to make the park a first-class science park and technology service provider.”You see, with drones above the park and video surveillance systems installed in all corners, enterprises can be provided with three-dimensional and all-round security services.”Guo Yan, deputy general manager of Shanxi Jiaotong Comprehensive Reform Park Development Co., LTD., pointed to the data displayed on the big screen in real time, saying that the park attached great importance to science and technology as the support during the construction process, and applied a number of technological innovations.Such as the use of air heating technology, walk in the forefront of green and low-carbon technology application.Guo Yan introduced that the park is located in the center of Xiaohe New Town. It is a comprehensive industrial park dominated by the new generation of electronic information industry, supplemented by high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and biological medicine, etc. It builds a dynamic ecological chain of emerging industries based on the blueprint of future industry, with concentrated production factors, profound industrial atmosphere and promising development prospects.As the industrialization base of provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Shanxi Zhichuang City, the park focuses on wisdom, intelligence and intelligence, integrates the concept of “digital production city” into its planning and design, emphasizes the “people-oriented” functional layout, and creates a “3+8” functional system, namely the three main functions of “industry + service + supporting facilities”.The eight subdivisions of “production workshop, headquarters office, RESEARCH and development experiment, exhibition hall, conference center, business center, catering and leisure, and employee apartment” create a safe and comfortable production and office environment and a full range of supporting facilities and services for enterprises in the park.At the same time, the introduction of qing control kechuang, jinke shares, such as a batch of outstanding operations team, carefully constructed commercial agent, technical support, policy and docking, promotion, marketing, service resources, financial power six service platform, provides the omni-directional, the whole cycle housekeeper type service, promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) innovation, accelerate help small and medium-sized enterprises.On December 14 last year, the park held the opening ceremony and carried out investment promotion activities. The good infrastructure construction and business environment won unanimous affirmation from the guests, who expressed their vision of joining the park and building the dream of xiao River.From blueprint planning to goal realization, from a vacant lot to a factory……After more than a year of intensive construction, the sme Industrial Park has completed the construction of the first phase of the exhibition center and 8 factories, and the construction of the second phase of a power center and 14 factories is accelerating, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.At present, there are 7 enterprises including Taiyuan Keweida New Technology Development Co., LTD.”With the core of ‘agglomeration, innovation and collaboration’, we will gather local resources, cultivate emerging industries and transform cutting-edge technologies to achieve ‘one year to develop a prototype, three years to achieve results and five years to create a brand’, and strive to build the industrial park for small and medium-sized enterprises into a comprehensive reform zone to drive economic development and industrial development model area.”Guo territorial said.Shanxi daily,

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