“Quick wear of the villain is contracted” she was the villain contracting system hit, from then on the road of no return

Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!Good-looking words remember to collect, not afraid of later again book shortage!She was hit by the villain contracting system. From then on, she set foot on the road of no return. The first book: The Villain of Quick Wear, etc.MengXi a female the ghost, or a hobby to fight, but the female the ghost of endless loneliness, she aspires to sleep all over the world “, the result once he was misled by the so-called fairy gave, through three thousand plane just to find his memory “dead 38 this villain is sick” one system “host, I’m not dead 38 438” some women smile nodded “I know,Small three “have at any time add the host of play really good heart tired, some god chase but come” woman, hold up want to run?”Mengxi I go to your younger sister, Tang Ling come out I guarantee not to kill you “woman you can’t run” Mengxi face does not change color of looking at the person that come “not you mistake person I call si Not heart” “anyway is my” some god seriously say, an embrace her.The system rolls its eyes and decides to ignore its host.ZSZSZSZ to feel his face pain is dead, damn Lin frost, after I get the secrets of your home to see me not torture you to death, I must will you sell into the ballroom when most cheap dancer system look over his heart, can’t help but shake shake, mua three, the men how so vicious “host, the male and the Lord said to you sell into the ballroom when the hostess of the base.”Mengxi: “Oh, is it possible?How could I let him kill me and inherit my three thousand harem?And Tong, stop your gloating, or I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my primordial power. “The system shook again. How could this host be so terrible, how could I be so hard, and contracted such a host!Play essence not to say and violent tendency, every day will only try their best to squeeze themselves, I how so fate ah!ZSZSZSZ see her remains unmoved, cruel openings: “shuang son, I’m really wrong, I’ll take you to walk, even death, I will never let go of your hand” “host, villain to but he didn’t come in, he was now the corner of the wall,” don’t come here, let me give him a hand, small three is wondering what their host to find their own host went down.I don’t want to die like this!The villain black can really be dead, their host why so like to die.(Click the link below to read it for free.) # Villain, you got my attention!# Yu Instantaneous was the villain contracting system hit, from now on to attract the attention of the villain of no return.Hatred value?Bring it!He, Yu Instantaneous, for the villain professional and death of small expert first person.# Leave the villain alone and let him come!# Task do do, yu Instantaneous found that the villain looked at his eyes as if not quite right.Exciting content: He has to hurry to the past to divert his attention, what is directed at him, don’t hate the protagonist!It was a cold winter night. Under the dim street lamp, the boy was sitting by the roadside, looking somewhat lonely.When Yu Instantaneous arrived, panting, he saw Anyi sitting alone by the roadside, her clothes thin and her face covered with several obvious bruises.Even though she is sitting on the roadside, her back is still as straight as a pine, her temperament is cool and her complexion is indifferent, as if she were pressed down by Mount Tai.So badly?The!The mouth of yu Instantaneous almost want to be from ear to ear root son go, stride base base brisk pace past, be a derision: “TSK TSK TSK, rough sleep on the street?The!Do you know why you’re so miserable?Because I conspired with Anchen against you!”Tube he did not do things, yu Instantaneous to his body pull.An Yi please don’t hate him carelessly!The boy looks up, look to yu instantaneous, complexion still is cold, do not see what change.”Hey hey, isn’t it very angry?After school also can’t go up, still have no place to live, really miserable ah!Or you beg me, I can consider a shelter for you!”An Yi’s dark and heavy eyes brightened gradually, and her thin red lips began to light up. “Good.””…??”Yu Instantaneous reaction for a second, only to find that he agreed to his own said take him.Why is this guy so shameless?He was just making a joke to humiliate him, but he didn’t see it, and he said yes?”Oh, you didn’t ask me. I wouldn’t take you even if you did. Wake up and stop daydreaming!”Yu Instantaneous immediately hissing way.Introduction: As a monster, Gu Pingge has adapted to human life. He wanted to play as a dead hell, but he did not expect to be stared at by a pester system.”Sign, sign, this is the chance of a lifetime!”White Bear 000 is waving a piece of white paper.”No, let me get out of here.”Gu Pingge did not want to look at him.”The host is big, we…”After a long time, Gu Pingge finally agreed.000 thought their system to the peak of life, did not expect…Gu Pingge not only to attack men, but also let him switch, the first task failed not to say, but also angered the way of Heaven, also know the true identity of men, suddenly feel I know too much…”000, your home host good fierce, heard this world completely collapsed?””000, cow!I heard that heaven has complained this time?””Sure, 000. I heard your host offended the demon King?””000, your host this time open harem, true false?”000 means very helpless…The host is too difficult to manage, with its own plugins.As for the hero…The hero belongs to the host!Don’t accept refutation, refutation is jealousy!Suddenly some chagrin, he regretted to listen to the host sent brainwaves to the male master.The more I think about it, the more I regret it.Gu Pingge took a bite of the cake from the stone table and casually explained.000 listened and said nothing more, his task is to assist the host.He’s decided to do whatever the host says!”Your Highness!What is wrong with you, my Lord?Woo woo ~ “just arrived at the door linling rushed over, crying.Gu Pingge rolled her eyes.People who do not know her still think that the prince is dead.”Lin Ling!Don’t delay the prince. Do what you have to do!”Gao Gonggong pushed her away and let people carry the prince to go inside.This girl is getting more and more unruly.”Stop!You tell me what happened!”Lin Ling stopped gu Pingge ready to return to his room.Gu Pingge said nothing, pull her arm is a fall over the shoulder.”Ahhhhhhh!!How dare you throw me!You mean…”Before she could finish, a knife lay across her neck.Next to the guard a face meng??When did his saber disappear?”For the last time, don’t bother me.Understand?”Gu Pingge said, the knife closer to Lin Ling one point.Linling, who had experienced all this, was so frightened that she trembled. “I understand!I…I don’t dare! ‘(Click the link below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. Look forward to your comments

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