Chinese women ice first win in 12 years!A video showing the other side of the players was watched by 2 million overseas netizens

The Chinese women’s ice hockey team played Denmark in the second round of Group B at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Coming from 1-0 down, The Chinese scored twice in the space of a minute to reverse the harvest 3-1 and claim their first win of the Games.Besides the competition, the female ice players also took some videos to record their training and daily life in the Olympic village.Kang Mulan played well in the winning game.She is so strong that she was named the WHL Russian Women’s Hockey League Rookie of the Month in October for the 2021-2022 season.Her great-grandfather and great-grandmother were Chinese, and she was excited to fight for China.As the name “Mulan” suggests, she wants to make a difference.On TikTok, Kang mulan uses a first-person perspective to record the journey of Chinese women from getting off the plane to settling into the winter Olympic village, showing them enjoying themselves between training sessions.Kang mulan and her teammates, wearing uniforms with the “China” logo, recorded a relaxing moment in front of the camera.Chinese players Zhang Xifang and Fei Anna are both born in the 2000s. They have played in the NCAA hockey League and the Russian Women’s Hockey League.They played for domestic clubs in recent years and were selected for the Chinese women’s ice hockey national team.The two, who both go by The English name Anna, set up a shared TikTok account called Anna.x2_.Recently, their TikTok account has gained popularity among overseas netizens as awareness of the Winter Olympics has increased.Here’s a video of a routine training session.The two young players recorded their daily assiduous preparation, and the relaxed atmosphere also showed the new look of Chinese players.In addition to training, the pair also photographed a lot of winter Olympic village.A video they shot went viral on TikTok on Jan 31, garnering 2.4 million views and 270,000 likes.The video shows the pair standing at various points in the apartment, showing off the spacious living room, the protective bay window, the smart bed and more in turn.The two tap their fingers and the smart bed adjusts the height of the pillow on command.”Excellent quality,” one wrote, “deserves full marks.”These women ice hockey players not only strive to win glory for China on the court, but also use cameras to record the faces of the younger generation of players and show the “Wisdom made in China” and Chinese culture off the court.Expect them to go further in the Winter Olympics.# Chinese women’s ice hockey team scored their first win with a knockout win over Denmark ## Today is a day of four happiness

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