Tang three Neptune examination again cheat, dragon dou luo lost the most grievous, this operation can be too irritating

Guide language: dou Luo tang three for the fifth test of the last assessment, in the face of the dragon dou Luo Tang three again cheat, and the cheat process is extremely angry.See colorful animation, break a different river’s lake!Hello, everyone, this is Yunmanji, welcome to the animation lake.Assessment of tang three tricky is not the first time, the fifth test is tang three planned from the beginning, each level how, how can muddle through is tang three a person wants to come out, but in the face of the fifth, examiners dragon fights, the last is under the condition of normal battle tang three impossible at customs clearance, so there will be a tang three the cleverness of the operation,Deceiving the dragon makes this seemingly sacred examination seem particularly frivolous.The strength of the dragon is 95, tang three 80 level of soul force how to see can not beat the dragon, although the dragon can not use the pillar strength, but we have to know that the pillar is added, not the addition of the dragon is still the title of the dragon, but with the pillar of the sea soul division can be stronger.So it is not difficult to find, in fact, tang three dozen dragon if normal hand tang three will lose, and if this lost is equal to sentenced to seven strange collective death penalty, everyone can not leave Poseidon Island.Beat but cheat tang three most adept is clever, in many battles are clearly know their strength is not, just rely on the brain to come up with strategies.Of course, we can also think that because tang three enough wit, is not a sentence called war?Before the smart we can tolerate, but only when the dragon this one we can’t stand, because from beginning to end Tang three are not going to win the dragon, but their own secretly changed the content of the assessment, is equal to say that they give their own back door, this makes people how to endure?Good miserably a bucket Luo Hailong all the pillar is one of the worst in the guardian, not to say that was beaten badly, with the two down son was not enough to threaten the dragon tang three bucket, just three tang for myself to change the examination questions in the examination, was under full tang three must defeat the dragon fights, the last was tang three became no skill against my soul.Of course, don’t use the soul technology to win the battle is not tang three ultimate purpose, he did not intend to beat dragon dou luo at the beginning, but to the dragon dug a pit.Tang three dug pit tang three dug pit where, the average person will feel tang three dozen but to find a reason for their own, without soul technology is to weaken the dragon battle force, but you want to know the dragon can not use soul technology, tang three can not use ah, tang three soul bone soul ring add up so many hundred thousand years of soul technology he why not?The reason is very simple, because tang three pit is not fighting, but forced dragon default.Tang three rules are divided into two parts, one is not the use of soul technology, the other part is to win the battle.How can Tang SAN beat the dragon to win the battle?So tang three plan actually in the first part, forcing the dragon to use soul technology.You and I are not allowed to use soul skills. Whoever beats the other side wins!Dragon certainly think so, but tang three not so think, he does not want to beat dragon, but want to let dragon use soul technology in battle, once used to default, default is equal to lose, this is the real purpose of Tang three.Tang three early plan, Haotian hammer before a few tests has been useless why?Is to hide himself is twin soul, the key hammer dragon, dragon caught off guard can only use soul defense, the results lost, Tang three through the examination.Don’t you get angry when you see this?What’s the point of such an assessment?For example, Tang three to the exam, found the exam is too difficult, and then cheat the examiner said, we all close double eyes, to the end of the exam open, who first open eyes who out?Results tang three also have the third eye, copied a full mark, which you can say tang three is through the assessment?Sea dragon lost too injustice, as the fan and original book fan, see here when extremely angry.Everyone fan, you think tang three hit dragon is too much?Ok, today’s cartoon story and everyone to talk here, like a little partner can pay attention to, can also click below immediately ask information cloud diffuse, there is a question must answer!I am yunman bacteria, mountain high water far, we river’s lake goodbye!Article | cloud diffuse bacteria plagiarism

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