In a tense moment, four Russian warplanes flew thousands of miles to raid one of NATO’s most secretive air bases

Did this force the Russians to finally act?Russia sent not only four Russian aircraft, but six Russian warships. NATO nervous?In the wake of its confrontation with NATO, Russia’s warning remains undimmable.Earlier, the Russian strategic bomber took off from the Russian military base. At that time, it was not clear what the intention behind the Russian military and its specific destination was, but we could probably guess that the Russian military’s action was related to the United States and NATO.The REFUSAL of the United States and NATO to provide security guarantees to Russia has made the latter aware and forced the Russian army to do something!The reported presence of a number of Russian long-range bombers in non-Russian territory is arguably a surprise.Four Russian aircraft flew thousands of miles, extremely close to NATO territory.Relevant people have speculated about this, the Russian military aircraft flight, may be related to the military exercise, may also want to carry out simple revenge.After all, Russia has long been annoyed by the constant harassment of American and NATO warplanes.But there was no response from Russia.But as we all know, even if it is a military exercise, it is nothing but a warning to the outside world. There is not much suspense about who is behind it.The move comes as a shock to NATO at a time when tensions between Russia and the alliance are high.In addition, in addition to the Russian military aircraft, but also sent warships close to NATO, this move makes NATO troops like a nervous, heart can not calm down for a long time!The presence of six Russian warships in the rear is a serious threat to NATO.NATO forces immediately sent military planes and ships to track Russian activities that could have unpredictable consequences.In fact, not only in the sea, but also in the air, NATO forces are preventing and interfering with Russian forces!Like the dispatch of six Russian warships, the dispatch of four Russian military planes will not be so simple.At this tense moment, the Russian army suddenly mobilized troops, or did not disclose the specific whereabouts and purpose of the situation, how to see it is questionable!The strength of the Russian army is never to be underestimated!The ability of Russian military aircraft to raid NATO’s most secret air bases!That worries NATO forces, which are home to a large number of FIGHTER jets and bombers from the United States and NATO countries.There is a good chance that NATO will allow Russia to carry out an operation without having time to react.The result of a successful Russian raid would be a brutality that NATO cannot accept and would cost it dearly.In this sense, After being explicitly rejected by NATO, Russia intends to show its cards directly and does not want to continue to play in circles with the United States and NATO.From the current situation, the Russian army is indeed in the relevant military deployment, in order to resist the advance of the United States, NATO forces.Judging from the actions of the Russian army, the US and NATO forces continue to step up operations, and the Russian army is bound to strike back!(clouds)

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