21 years ago, countless people abused the love drama, star and flower farmers regret fairy tale, do you remember?

In the peak of the classic stage drama, “lavender” is relatively early, the classic stage drama about 21 years ago, brings together the romantic novel large dog abuse of heart, blood, such as big star fall in love with Cinderella, bullying class grass fell in love with the poor girl, love more than I can say, a terminal illness such as super dog blood plot, the show is complete.Female girder to embalm was bullied by classmates, the embodiment of justice, and handsome JiQingChuan silent guard, but beam to embalm too humble, think girls in the class like the male god JiQingChuan won’t like yourself, and JiQingChuan is a mouth shut arbitrary straight men, like but proud of beam to embalm said, before two people apart, JiQingChuan leave a promise, they will also meet,And left her a small glass bottle filled with lavender, when many 90 people should have bought this peripheral bar, the merchant is really good, a small glass bottle filled with dried flowers, can buy 5~10 yuan, a few dollars decades ago, for primary and secondary school students, is also a “huge sum of money” bar.JiQingChuan became hot after several years of big star, and the beam to embalm is an ordinary small farmers, two people accidentally meet again, in the first two people are reluctant to face their own heart throb, because the beam to embalm inferior still fall in love with himself will not be big star, and JiQingChuan have the stage name, beam to embalm not sure he is JiQingChuan, while JiQingChuan side,Is a very common entertainment industry rules, male stars in love will be abandoned by fans, so the company pressure, Ji Can not love Liang Yixun.And which is so easy to put out the flame of love, two people love each other still together, but the new trouble followed, JiQingChuan career affected, female match in order to help him find help deceive philandering feelings man, almost be defiled, and female with using it, play risks, let JiQingChuan remorse, beam to embalm guilt, therefore, the beam to embalm first step out,And take always like their male two as a shield, let Ji Qingchuan give up.Beam to embalm give up love, of course, another reason is the reason why your heart, don’t want to drag JiQingChuan, female second nature may be so bad, after that beam to embalm the condition, in front of the airport on a plane, finally spoke, originally was not bullied by the man himself, she escaped the other ear, and it also tell the condition of the beam to embalm.JiQingChuan therefore no scruples, find beam to embalm, under the lover’s true confessions, beam to embalm finally decided to use the last days and JiQingChuan together, like husband and wife two people lead a sweet life, and beam to embalm and pregnant, though her body can’t afford to be pregnant, but beam to embalm hopes to leave a memorial to the JiQingChuan.Unfortunately, the only fly in the ointment is that the end of the show but unfortunately, beam to embalm in pregnancy sudden illness and death, JiQingChuan loses his wife and the unborn child, although is the end of the sad, but also made the show, sometimes regret it easier than a great finale to let a person remember, it’s no wonder that the show had started after a fire for a long time.A sadistic heart regret drama, the super star falls in love with the small flower farmer, just one step to become a happy family of three.Do you have any different views on this, please share them in the comments, I hope you pay attention to, like, favorites, forward, comment, thank you.

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