Why say kuigang stack again grow up right?

Ancient song cloud: Geng Xu geng Chen day, wukuigang four sitting god.Day plus in the heavy column, running body wang composition minister.Smart and decisive kind less, killing money officer can be angry.A Kui Gang live on the day, blunt more than certain is a small person.Punishment is frequently poor biting, wealth officer prosperous misfortune to invade.Kuigang four days most virtuous, fold fold again grow up right.Body prosperous run by prosperous transport, wealth officer prosperous place disaster.According to the ancient song, the four days of Imenchen, Gengxu, Gengchen and Wuxu are queigang’s four sitting gods. The sun Lord meets these four days in such a manner, but he must be physically prosperous and can be a civil servant, and he must be smart and decisive, but less kind;However, if the fortune sees the fortune or the official fortune, the disaster will soon follow, if coupled with the murder will be more serious, such a pattern is also very bad.If there are two of the four pillars are Kuigang, it is the overlapping reunion, then the main person, can be in charge of the power, the body prosperous line has taken the prosperous luck, then the wealth prosperous or official prosperous luck, disaster will be continuous.The conditions for the formation of quigang pattern are: the appearance of wealth stars or official stars is considered as an exception.Must be healthy to become the case, weak into the Kuigang case.Kuigang’s character is very strong and unyielding, unyielding, firm perseverance, decisive work, leadership authority, such as the bureau has other nobles at the same time into the life will play a very beneficial role to the life of the Lord, on the contrary, if the encounter of punishment blunt persecution will play a counter-effect.According to Chinese myths and legends, Chen is the Tiangang, xu is the Hekui, which is the place where Yin and Yang are extinct, Chen is the reservoir of Tiangang, xu is the fire storehouse of dikui, And Chen xu meets for the heaven and earth.Where the gods do not come.The pattern of Kuigang is to take renchen, Gengxu, Gengchen and Wuxu to the four tombs, and to take them as Kuigang, so that they can control the power. It is not to take the theory of why they can control the power when they are above the four tombs. This is a great error in the book of Numerology of Ziping.

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