Shanghai: What to do after deregulation?Take good personal protection and reduce movement

At a press conference on March 31, Wu Fan, a member of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group’s expert group, suggested two points for attention after the lifting of the control, namely personal protection and reducing the flow of people.Wu Fan explained that it is particularly important to reduce flow at this point, try to calm down and slow down, for the sake of better movement in the future.Reducing the flow, reducing the aggregation, is actually not giving the virus a chance.Second, personal protection.Personal protection can be divided into two categories. One is to stay at home, wash your hands, ventilate frequently, and do not gather together. If you have the conditions at home, live in different rooms and do different things.It is especially important to eat separately or with serving chopsticks and spoons to reduce possible infection among family members.If you must go out, such as going to the hospital, accompanying, etc., be sure to take good protection.What is the protection for going out?1. Wear a mask.2. Social distancing.3. When taking public transportation, or going to crowded places or places with a large number of people, try to avoid off-peak travel during rush hours.When you go to medical institutions and other places you must go, you should take the initiative to light up the code and sweep the code. You should light up the health code, the trip code and sweep the site code, and do a series of actions to coordinate with the management of the site.(Media reporter Wei Ran, Zhang Qian, Zhou Li)

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