Chu Ying had a quarrel with his minister. Why did Nurhaci execute his son when the minister was suspected of having committed treason

Chu Ying was nurhaci’s eldest son, but nurhaci eventually took him into captivity.And in the end, Nurhachi had him executed.In principle, the eldest son was the heir to a king, and Nurhaci did once appoint Chu Ying as his successor.When Nurhaci was out fighting, he still let Chu Ying take charge of state affairs. He trusted him very much and focused on training him.But why did Nurhachi kill Chu Ying?Nurhaci killed his eldest son, Chu Ying, because chu Ying was very irritable and did not get along well with others.In particular, he did not get along well with Nurhaci’s most important “five ministers” (Eyidu, Fei Yingdong, He Heli, Amfiyangu, and Hutehan) and nurhaci’s sons, who were called “four Beles” (Great Bele Dashan, Second Bele Amin, Third Bele Mang Gul ‘tai, and fourth Bele Huangtai).After all, Chu Ying was Nurhaci’s own son. Even if he was irritable and did not get along well with people around him, Nurhaci would not have laid such a heavy hand on his son.So what’s the real reason?How did the later jin develop and evolve?It’s not so clear now.However, it is generally accepted that the post-Jin was formed after the long-term evolution and integration of the Jurchen who had been living in northeast China after the collapse of the Jin State.This situation is quite common among the minority nationalities in the north.A people who were once strong, but were attacked by some stronger people in the north, or by the Middle lands in the south, were scattered and scattered in another place.However, although scattered, but generally do not decay.After all, they were once strong, and that strong meme still lives on in them.They won’t let it go.So after a period of development brewing, it will rise again.Also, living conditions in the North were extremely difficult, and if they did not try to rise, they might end up being completely wiped out.Just like in the jungle, it’s either tough or dead.In the course of his rise, Nurhachi encountered difficulties unimaginable to ordinary people.He was attacked not only by the surrounding tribes, but also by the Ming army.It was also because of the attack of the Ming army that Nurhachi’s fighting spirit was aroused, and he published the story of “Seven Hates” and “13 pairs of armor”.To put it figuratively, it is like having a leading Wolf on the prairie, leading a group of other wolves to attack the other wolves.He hoped to beat all the other wolves, and at last they would grow big and become the Wolf Kings of the whole prairie.This process, of course, is extremely difficult.But Nurhaci eventually succeeded.What was the secret of Nurhaci’s success?To answer the question of the secret of success, we have to look at the secret of the Wolf who became king of the prairie.There is no doubt that the Wolf can succeed, because it is around, gathered a gang of desperate, willing to die wolves.The wolves fought with him and succeeded at last. If they had not been willing to follow him, one after another they had all gone off, and at last only the leader Wolf was left, it was impossible for the leader Wolf to grow big.The wolves around Nurhaci were the five ministers and the four Bales.Especially the “five ministers”, without their help, Nurhaci certainly could not have become big.At this time, however, chu Ying and the five ministers were at loggerheads.Nurhaci also tried to reconcile Chu Ying with the “five ministers” and “Four Baylor”. He repeatedly persuaded Him not to fall out with them, but Chu Ying did not restrain himself.Moreover, the “five ministers” and “Four Generals” seemed to have joined forces against Chu Ying.The two eventually came to a head.In that case, Nurhaci had to make a choice.If he had kept Chu Ying in charge of state affairs and appointed him as his successor, the “five ministers” and “four Belets” around Nurhaci might have become dissatisfied with him.Once dissatisfied, Nurhaci wants to do big, difficult.Let’s use the Wolf pack analogy.When a Wolf leads a pack of wolves to attack other wolves on the prairie, it has a Wolf beside it, but does not fight, but bites each other.The other wolves tried to kill the Wolf, too.In this case, the leader Wolf must choose between keeping the disunited Wolf or keeping the rest of the pack.When making a choice, how to minimize the loss?In short, since Nurhachi was not very powerful at that time, he still had to lead the people in arduous battles, defeating the other jurchens on the steppe, and immediately following the defeat of the Ming Dynasty, so his task was extremely difficult.At this point, he must strive to maximize the strength of his team.When a conflict occurs, minimize the loss.Otherwise, he will not succeed.Chu Ying was not entirely to blame for the incident. The other “five ministers” and the “Four Bele” were also serious problems.They were deliberately targeting Chu Ying to bring him down.Moreover, Chu Ying was the prince-in-waiting, and their disobedience to him was a sign of rebellion.And in doing so, they posed a great threat to Nurhaci.Nevertheless, nurhaci, taking the overall situation into consideration and considering the pros and cons, would definitely choose to punish Chu Ying rather than others.Nurhaci did not beat Him to death. He first stripped Him of his power and no longer allowed him to run the state affairs.It was his son, after all, and he wanted to give him plenty of opportunities.Chu Ying, however, did not understand Nurhaci’s difficulties. On the contrary, he thought Nurhaci was biased, so he was dissatisfied with Nurhaci.He even burned incense at home and cursed Nurhaci, hoping that nurhaci would lose the war outside.He also said that if Nurhaci lost the battle, he would close the gates and forbid them to enter the city.It can be said that Chu Ying not only did not reflect on himself, but also acted absurdly like a child.For an adult, his methods were extremely bad and clumsy, but even so, Nurhaci did not kill Chu Ying, but kept him in captivity.Nurhachi’s practice of keeping Chu Ying in captivity also became a common practice of later Qing emperors to punish members of the great masters who made mistakes.However, after three years in captivity, Nurhachi killed Chu Ying.Chu Ying had no power at that time. If he did something again, there would be no bad consequences. Why did Nurhaci kill him?There were two reasons. First, Nurhaci had become disgusted with Chu Ying because of his persistent indoctrination.The feelings between him and Chu Ying had changed. He no longer regarded Chu Ying as his son. That was why he killed his son.Second, Nurhaci was unwilling to leave Chu Ying behind.If Chu Ying were left behind, he might cause great turmoil in later generations. If so, it would not be good for the country that Nurhachi had managed to build.In short, Chu Ying was still an immature child and a time bomb.His final tragic outcome is also his own fault.

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