Celebrate 20 big loyalty and | traffic police brigade solid clampdown in traffic order

In order to effectively do a good job in road traffic safety management during the Spring Festival travel rush, ensure the road traffic safety situation in the area of continuous stability, effectively prevent the occurrence of all kinds of traffic accidents, to create a safe, smooth, orderly travel environment for the masses.February 13, Gande traffic police brigade organized civilian auxiliary police to actively carry out the order of traffic safety illegal centralized rectification action.In the action, the traffic police brigade organized the auxiliary police in the area of the main streets, roads and other entertainment venues, to carry out all kinds of traffic illegal rectification actions, but also increased the unlicensed, fake, set of license, forged and altered motor vehicle driving license, vehicle license, drunken driving and other key traffic illegal activities, in the rectification at the same time,Each treatment group people auxiliary police have stepped up to the motor vehicle drivers of the traffic safety propaganda education, and actively advocate civilized driving, refused to dangerous driving, remind the driver consciously abide by the road traffic safety laws and regulations, cherish yourself and other people’s life safety, further enhance the legal awareness of the traffic participants and driving safety civilization consciousness,Actively create a good publicity atmosphere for the renovation work.During the operation, a total of 5 police officers and 1 police car were dispatched to effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents during the Spring Festival Travel rush and effectively ensure road traffic safety, orderly and smooth.Contribution: Traffic police brigade edit: more Tibetan sister audit: Dai Lingyun

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