Producer Zhang Meng was transferred to the public security organs

Last October, the arrest of Zhang Meng, a video producer from Tencent, caught the attention of the industry.According to public information, Zhang is a senior project producer at Tencent Video, and has participated in the production of dramas such as You are My Honor, Ghost Blows Out The Ancient City, Skyscraper and Hear the Phoenix Sing.On January 25, Tencent Group issued an anti-fraud notice: Zhang Meng, the leader of the FILM and television content production department of PCG, took advantage of her position to seek benefits for the supplier and received preferential treatment fees from the supplier. Her behavior violated “Tencent High Voltage Line”, and she was dismissed and never hired.Meanwhile, Zhang meng was transferred to the public security organs on suspicion of committing a crime.According to public information, Zhang won the “2020 Outstanding Platform Producer Award” in the third Beginner’s List in 2020.Last October, News of Zhang’s arrest attracted the attention of the industry. At that time, it was said that Zhang’s accident may have something to do with zheng Shuang’s “A Beautiful Girl’s Ghost” (renamed “Only Ask This Life Love Cangming”).However, Tencent had responded that Zhang did violate the company’s “high-voltage line” behavior, and suspected of illegal, has been handed over to the judicial authorities.Police have registered an investigation.But net spread involves Yin and Yang contract and so on view, is erroneous.Today, Tencent group released an anti-fraud investigation showed that in 2021, Tencent anti-fraud investigation department found and investigated more than 50 cases of “Tencent high voltage line”, nearly 70 people were fired for violating “Tencent high voltage line”, and more than 10 people were transferred to the public security organs for suspected crimes.In the case released by Tencent, It was also mentioned that Wu Rong from the CONTENT production department of PCG took advantage of her position to take possession of props and clothing purchased by the company for filming during her tenure. Her behavior violated “Tencent High voltage Line”, and she was dismissed and never hired.At the same time, Because Wu Rong is suspected of a crime, was transferred to the public security organ processing.Source: Red Star News

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