Longhua teachers, students and parents must read!It’s back to school

April 2, The city campus Epidemic Prevention and Control Special class held a video conference on students’ returning to school.The meeting pointed out that the city will steadily and orderly promote the resumption of classes of schools (kindergartens) at all levels according to the principle of “grading, zoning and batch”.In order to ensure the smooth and orderly implementation of various prevention and control measures for schools and kindergartens in Longhua District, to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students returning to school April 6, the District Education Bureau organized a video conference for students returning to school.Learn and convey the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work at all levels in urban areas, and redeploy and implement the work with a high sense of responsibility.Longhua District Education Working Committee secretary, District Education Bureau director Wang Yuxi, district education working Committee member, district Education Bureau party group member Duan Xianqing, district education working Committee member, district education Bureau deputy director Li Qing attended the meeting.The conference is carried out in the form of “online + offline”. The main venue is set up in the conference room on the seventh floor of Longhua District Education Bureau, and the sub-venue is set up in schools and kindergartens run by citizens.On the blackboard!Here we go!☟☟☟ In order to effectively protect the health and safety of teachers, students and staff, and ensure the safety of returning to school in batches in the spring semester of 2022 in Longhua District, after study and decision by The Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and Control of Longhua District, the schedule of returning to school in Longhua District is as follows:April 08 high, back to school on April 11, the first senior grade two, grade 2, grade school on April 13, 1 to 6 grade school kindergarten children back to school on April 18th Li Qing just before and after the school campus normalized specific deployment as follows strictly perform their duties according to epidemic prevention and control work, enhancing prevention barriers actively build “white list” of the management system and norm the implementation of health monitoring management,Strict implementation of teachers and students health self-examination, morning, afternoon and evening check-up, sickness absence registration, examination of certificate of resumption of classes, students health management and other systems.The prevention and control mechanism of home-school cooperation has been promoted, and education on prevention and control knowledge has been carried out in schools, teachers, students and families in the daily routine of health and epidemic prevention, and parents have been instructed to abide by the prevention and control regulations in various forms to build synergy for prevention and control.The prevention and control network has been organized, measures have been implemented and coordinated, nucleic acid testing has been studied on campus, and door-to-door testing services have been actively provided after returning to school.We will focus on strengthening the management of entering and leaving schools, personnel from outside the school, supplies, catering and activities. We will strengthen the storage of supplies and the maintenance of equipment and facilities. We will continue to carry out patriotic public health campaigns and prevent people, materials and the environment from suffering from multiple diseases.To strengthen emergency response and prevent epidemic risks, detailed arrangements were made for emergency response and handling of cases with fever and other symptoms and suspicious cases before and on campus, as well as coordination and control, transport, isolation and logistics support, to resolutely prevent epidemic risks from entering the campus.After returning to school, we should pay attention to the education and teaching of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and put forward clear requirements for the psychological health of teachers and students.Formulate plans and take precise measures.Fully investigate students’ physical and mental health and online learning, and formulate plans for connecting online and offline teaching in a scientific and pragmatic way.2. Coordinated efforts should be made.Strengthen home-school coordination, so that parents fully understand the school return to school arrangements and related preparations.Strengthen discipline coordination and arrange offline teaching reasonably.3. Strengthening management is aimed at implementation.Strengthen the teaching and research staff of the Institute of Education science and Technology to carry out offline teaching guidance.Strengthen the independent supervision of schools and fully implement the quality of offline teaching.4. Summarize and reflect, optimize and improve.Primary and secondary schools should continue to think about the effective paradigm of online and offline teaching.Encourage schools to commend excellent online teaching groups and individuals, promote positive spirit and spread positive energy of “positive education”.Pay attention to the mental health of teachers and students.The principal should fulfill the main responsibility, do a good job in the work plan, emergency plan, emergency drill, teacher training and so on.Personally grasp the management, the implementation of the responsibility system.2. Scientific identification and proper response.Establish a psychological protection mechanism for students during the period of returning to school, comprehensively grasp the physical and mental conditions of students after returning to school through multiple channels, and do a good job in scientific identification, real-time warning, professional consultation and appropriate response.3. Joint prevention and control.For students who have bad emotions due to different problems, effective solutions are proposed.For junior three, senior three students, to give all-round support.4. Create an atmosphere by promoting five education programs simultaneously.Give full play to the important role of ideological and political courses in cultivating students’ social core values.Allow an adjustment period in the teaching schedule.Coordinate the workload of all subjects, actively carry out activities such as sound, sports, beauty and labor, and form a positive campus atmosphere.5. Implement routines and be strict with details.Open full open qi psychological class, according to the requirements with full-time psychological teachers.Strengthen family education and guidance, and actively carry out mental health education activities.Carry out psychological training for head teachers and all teachers, and continue to pay attention to teachers’ mental health.Wang Yuxi stressed four requirements on how to do a good job of returning to school: first, attach great importance to the implementation of returning to school work to strictly implement the prevention and control measures, with the highest standards, the strongest responsibility, the most tough measures, the most strict style, firmly guard the bottom line of campus epidemic prevention and control.A “region-wide closed-loop” epidemic prevention and control system should be established, which should be carefully organized, carefully deployed and strictly implemented.Before and after the return of each school, the normal prevention and control must be linked.During the transition period, teachers and students should be actively guided to adjust their bodies and minds, strengthen the interaction between home and school, and protect the safety and physical and mental health of teachers and students.Four, highly serious, link online and offline teaching to do a solid recovery of offline teaching transition teaching, give full consideration to students’ learning status and adapt to the progress, resolutely prevent the practice of racing against time, catch up with the progress, over capacity, “make up time” and “improve efficiency”.The outbreak will pass. Are you ready for school?The school is ready to start a new journey together as we return to school!Source: Longhua Education This issue planning: Longhua District Education Bureau basic education section material provided: Longhua District Education bureau basic education section

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