“Watch on The 5th” wins first gold medal!China’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics is in short track speed skating

Six gold MEDALS will be awarded in 10 events, including cross-country skiing (1), speed skating (1), biathlon (1), ski jumping (1), short track speed skating (1) and freestyle skiing (1).This is the first gold medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the attention of all, should be the pursuit of the first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the first gold medal of China Beijing Winter Olympics.Who will be the first golden flower of Beijing Winter Olympics?5, in zhangjiakou national cross-country skiing center will take the lead in cross-country skiing women’s double after 7.5 km (7.5 km of the traditional technology + free technology), so, separately controlled other game time of the project, the project is likely to have the first gold medal of the winter Olympics in Beijing, with the pyeongchang winter Olympics four years ago is the same.Cross-country skiing, an ancient sport known as the “snow marathon”, has been featured in all previous Olympic Games. Viewers should be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of “Forest and Snow Fields” again through TV cameras.There will be a total of 12 gold MEDALS in cross-country skiing (six for men and six for women, including three individual events, one team event and two relay events).Norway, the home of cross-country skiing, leads the medal table with 121 MEDALS (47 golds), well ahead of second-place Sweden (80), and the sport’s most successful male and female Olympians are Norwegians.One of them, Marit Bjoergen, has 15 Olympic MEDALS, the most won by any Winter Olympian in history.In recent years, China has made remarkable progress in cross-country skiing, with Dinegar Iramujiang leading the breakthrough, but there is still a big gap compared with the traditional Nordic strong teams. In the Women’s cross-country skiing competition in Beijing Winter Olympics, Norway and Sweden are still fighting for the top, and the United States is playing a decisive role.Four years ago in Pyeongchang, Sweden’s Kalla beat Norway’s Marit Bjoergen to win the women’s double. Kalla is now the most successful female cross-country skier in Swedish history with nine Olympic MEDALS and remains the favorite to win gold in this event.But even after Marit Bjorgen’s retirement, Norway has no shortage of talent, led by Treese Johaug, who has already won three Olympic MEDALS, including four golds in the double pursuit at the 2021 World Championships.So, the first gold of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, is the above two big hot win, or dark horse break through?We’ll see.After watching the first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we believe that the most concerned must be the Chinese delegation’s first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Great, the first opportunity is on the evening of 5th, let’s focus on the short track speed skating competition in the Capital Gymnasium, the mixed 2000 meters team relay quarterfinal, semi-final and final from 20:23.Of the 13 gold MEDALS won by the Chinese Winter Olympic Team in history, 12 came from short-track speed skating, figure skating and speed skating, led by the 10-gold short-track speed skating team.Since Yang Yang’s victory in Salt Lake City in 2002, China’s short track team has won gold MEDALS in every Winter Olympics since then.Mixed group 2000 meters relay is one of the Beijing games are new events, also is the embodiment of the team overall strength, the 2021/22 season four world cups, the Chinese team in the project won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze you can expect Wu Dajing, President of China for the Chinese delegation, led by all impact the first gold medal of the games in Beijing, strive for success.From the lineup, The Chinese team won the World Cup medal combination of personnel is not the same, but Ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing, Fan Ke xin large probability to play.Despite two twists and turns in this Olympic cycle, The Chinese short-track speed skating team, the king of ice and snow, has remained a strong team in 2021/22.Pyeongchang winter Olympics gold medalist Wu Dajing back in, he also admitted that will be best for the Beijing Olympics, and in addition to the men’s 500 metres world record holder, play big jing small 3 years old for all has grown into China’s men’s short track speed skating new leaders, four RACES in the World Cup, he stood each have the gold medal of the meteoric rise in account,He is not only the main relay team member, but also very competitive in the 500/1000/1500m events.In the previous match venue training, the Chinese team mainly practice stick, improve stability and quality, Wu Dajing also admitted that the first battle is still very nervous.In fact, China’s opponents are also very strong, South Korea, Hungary, the Netherlands, Canada and other teams are not ordinary people, they are also full of expectations for this new gold medal.Short track speed skating can change so quickly that anything can happen before the end of the race and the judges confirm the final result.Master battle, than not only technology, and mentality.The Chinese team is obviously the favorite to win the title, but also need to adjust the mentality, light.As long as the athletes give their best and leave no regrets, we will cheer for them regardless of the result.In addition to the short track speed skating, 5, will China’s legion war in an all-round way, strive for success, speed skating, winter two kick-off, snowboarding, sled, ski jumping is the figure of China, among them, the delegation of the youngest athletes Peng Qingyue game play ski jumping individual standard, after 2 win 2 negative China will continue to play curling mixed doubles round robin.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Zhou Wanqi Photo/Xinhua Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Zhou Wanqi

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