Wang Changling’s Marching from the Army (No.4) : the popular military music in tang Dynasty expresses sadness or grandeur

In this issue, I’ll talk about Wang Changling’s A Journey from the Army.”Qinghai long cloud dark snow mountain, lonely city overlooking Yumenguan.Huangsha hundred battles wear gold armor, not broken Loulan will not return.”We all know the son of Heaven, but it’s the exclusive title of the emperor.But in the Tang Dynasty, there was a poet who was supported by his fans and called him “the emperor of Poetry”!This is clearly in praise of his poetry world invincible!Who the hell is this guy?This is not the romantic and unrestrained Li Bai, nor the melancholy and deep Du Fu, but Wang Changling!Maybe fans of other poets should be angry. Why?To say wang Changling’s strength, ah, really not worse than Li Bai, Du Fu, to know wang Changling has another nickname, “seven absolutely holy hands”.Write seven quatesquatesthat is the divine paragraph ah!So Wang Changling is still very skilled.Of course, Wang Changling was also very lucky to catch up with the most glorious era in Chinese history – the Tang Dynasty.In that prosperous times, open, inclusive, even the beauties are also with fat for the United States, is not the door does not go out two doors do not step, are willing to go out to play, some aristocratic girls are also keen on crazy horse racing movement.The girls are so open, the guys can’t be weak.Therefore, the literati of tang Dynasty not only read poems and books in their arms, but also put on armor and rode horses to fight the enemy courageously.Wang Changling is of course such a poet of both civil and military affairs!The poets of the Tang Dynasty are proficient in both arts and martial arts. What about the poetry of the Tang Dynasty?This tang poetry, many can be sung to music.The most popular music in the tang dynasty was the imperious military music, which was sung in the army.Songs like “Marching to the Army” and “Out of the Jam” are especially popular military music tunes.Wang Changling’s masterpiece, of course, is the seven unique, namely the seven words quatron!By the most severe seven absolutely master Wang Changling to fill in the most popular military line, that is absolutely match.And when Wang Changling met sonorous and powerful tunes of marching from the army, he wrote seven marching from the army in one breath, almost every one of which was a fine work.What we focus on today is “Marching from the Army · Its four”.”Qinghai Long Cloud dark Snow Mountain”.Long white clouds float on the blue Qinghai Lake.The shadow of the white clouds darkened the snowy mountains.Qinghai, long cloud, snow mountain, how magnificent frontier scenery, but why to write bleak snow mountain?It seems that the writer was in a gloomy mood because he was unable to go home after days of fighting.Sure enough, the next sentence said, “The lonely city overlooking Yumen Pass.”The author stood on a lonely tower, looking at Yumen Pass from a distance.Yumenguan is a place name we must be very familiar with it, many frontier fortress poems have Yumenguan.For example, Wang Zhihuan wrote: “Qiang Flute why blame willows, spring breeze does not go to Yumenguan.”Li Bai also wrote: “The long wind tens of thousands of miles, blowing yumenguan.”Yumenguan, why are you so popular?Alas, with the importance of their geographical location ah!Yumen Pass is the only pass from the Central Plains to the Western regions. To the west is the dark cloud and snow mountains of the western regions, and to the east is the warm spring flowers of home.Wang Changling in the lonely city looking at yumen pass, is clearly in the direction of home.In the barracks, how could Wang not feel the homesickness of the soldiers?But homesick to homesick, as the soldiers of the tang dynasty, must also be excited.”Huang Sha hundred battles wear gold armor, not broken Loulan will not return”.Even if the sand wears our armor down, we will not go back until loulan is captured.End, is the end of life, is the meaning of death.Ok, this episode I talked about Wang Changling’s “Go to the Army”.As a popular martial music of the Tang Dynasty, congjunxing has powerful tunes, which are particularly matched with Wang Changling’s poetic style.Wang Changling this song “from the army”, the first two sentences, in fact, is the ordinary soldiers of home thoughts, but to the last two sentences, to give you a god turning point, ah!Comrades, wipe away the tears of homesickness and put on your armor. We will attack Loulan, and we will not come back if we don’t get it!As a matter of fact, when evaluating this poem, some people say that this poem expresses sadness, while others say that it is magnificent.But there is a fact, who can not ignore, that is the tang dynasty of these numerous military achievements are cast with the blood of soldiers.So, in addition to solemn and stirring, I can’t think of other words more suitable to describe this song “Marching in the Army”.Now you know Wang Changling’s “join the army”, the next issue, I take you to appreciate, Wang Changling wrote another red military music “out of the jam”, our next set see you again!

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