Nursing/Preschool education/Mechatronics/Visual Communication Design Full-time Junior College (Apprenticeship)

If you don’t do well in the 3+ certificate (college entrance examination), you can’t go to college?If you want to major in nursing/preschool education/Mechatronics/Visual Communication design?Then came the opportunity: apprenticeship in 2022, full-time associate’s degree.Registration conditions: Guangdong registered residence + technical secondary school/high school graduation certificate registration time: 2.20 deadline can not register: ① not Guangdong registered residence ② non-Guangdong registered residence has social security, to be determined ③ have not graduated, in the internship, have not got the graduation certificate ④ no social security ⑤ handle jia card important matters:Now submit the information forecast name, 2.21-23 online registration confirmation, April test, June and July admission, September admission (not like higher vocational enrollment in October test)

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