Get the speed up to the Max and you’re afraid you can’t move?Polar Scuffle alchemy play share

Alchemical Brawls are the most versatile: double mask torture flow, canyon maker vampire flow, alchemical tank burst flow, etc.There is no absolute right outfit, choose the most appropriate outfit according to the lineup and version to play comfortable.Today brings the high success rate of rocket belt alchemy play, let you experience the happy running man, the Spring Festival holiday run more and more happy!Alchemy passivity is the soul.Alchemical passivity can be triggered by both Allies and enemy heroes, and passive accelerations stack.As the saying goes, the world’s martial arts is only fast, running fast is easy to avoid all kinds of non-directional skills, coupled with the improvement of alchemy attributes, it is really meat output and high.Alchemy has no buff/debuff in Brawl.11.24 predator has been nerfed, but it still works well with alchemical, a hero who needs to move quickly and pull. It works well with the Spiritual Hunter.Taste of blood adds some regeneration.Spiritual Hunter Reduced Predator, Rocket Belt, Doomsday Winter gear CD.Cloak of Light increases movement speed and when triggered ignores unit collision so alchemy does not get stuck.Swiftness further increases speed.Armor: Rocket Belt + Winter’s Coming + Ice Wand + Demon’s Embrace + Force of Nature/Dead plate Armor points: Q, E, some big.Analysis: The Rocket Belt CD itself is only 40 seconds, even shorter with the Spirit Hunter CD, making up for the gap in the Snowball CD.Winter’s Coming increases tanks, provides mana, and ensures you have enough alchemical blue.Alchemy has a double resistance, which compensates for The coming of Winter’s health bonus.Ice wand increases alchemy pull ability, disgusting people must have equipment, price to 2600 after the very high cost.Demon’s embrace increases alchemical damage, 2% Max health damage, and Q’s poison damage is touching.The last piece of armor comes with a speed bonus.Gameplay introduction came to S12, alchemy is still weak, otherwise it will not appear a variety of play.The rocket belt gameplay is just more in line with the rhythm of brawl, get the regiment on its feet and start churning shit like crazy until the enemy wins.Alchemy in the chaos can not be repeated in the valley of the call division of the broken line development, plus there is no outbreak of damage to the head is not easy to take, so play alchemy to pay attention to not brainlessly forced E people back, otherwise it will fall into open group-sudden death – open group-sudden death cycle.1. EA: Right click on the enemy hero when E is up, you can play A round in the empty A general attack.2, switch Q: Q skills to learn to keep the switch, to avoid the embarrassment of blue.After all, runes don’t bring back anything blue.3. QWE flash: E flash is faster than flash E, which opens the group unexpectedly.4. W has a ground binding effect. When the predator catches up with the enemy, W throws a little farther in the direction of the enemy’s escape, preventing the enemy from moving too quickly out of W range.Alchemy strike group mainly to disrupt the enemy formation as the goal, to achieve the purpose of dividing the battlefield.Pay attention to the enemy’s core output position when opening the group, all kinds of acceleration open plus W deceleration with E skill to carry it back, even if can’t carry it back can also limit the move, disturb the C output environment.Note that alchemical Brawl can’t be forced open, keep an eye on your teammate’s position, otherwise the damage will be meaningless even if the brittle teammate can’t keep up.It’s also a great way for us to limit the number of opposing heroes.Once WE are used, all that is left is to turn on the Q and poison the howling abyss to disgust enemies.What do you think about predator alchemy?Welcome to exchange ~!

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