Hainan Airlines provided emergency assistance to passengers for smooth delivery on board

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Guan Zicchen Zhang Yiran) February 16, Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from Hainan Airlines, On the evening of February 14, a female passenger from Sanya to Chengdu hainan Airlines flight HU7303 suddenly burst amniotic fluid is about to give birth, Hainan Airlines cabin crew emergency treatment, with a blanket set up a “temporary delivery room”.With the full cooperation of all the crew members and a nurse passenger, the female passenger gave birth smoothly. The passengers in the cabin gave bursts of applause and wished the baby a safe birth.At 21:10 in the evening, flight HU7303 took off from Sanya on time. Shortly after the plane flew flat, a female passenger came out of the toilet and looked a little fluffed. Huang Ruiting, a flight attendant, immediately went to ask for help, knowing that the passenger was about to give birth.The situation is urgent, flight attendant Huang Ruiting immediately report to the cabin manager and purser.Wang Xiao, the purser, learned of the situation and arranged the passengers to lie flat on the back seat.The cabin manager Gao Lu immediately reported to the captain the cabin special situation, and then looked for a doctor for assistance through the radio: “Fellow passengers, there is a passenger on the plane about to give birth. If any passenger is a doctor or nurse, please contact the flight attendant immediately. Thank you!””I’m a nurse. I can help with the birth!”A female passenger rushed from her seat to the rear cabin to assist.Flight attendants covered the area with blankets and set up a “temporary delivery room”.The cabin crew quickly set up an “air emergency midwife team” to assist the nurses, providing spare tools such as blankets, rubber gloves, first-aid kits and emergency medical kits, while comforting the woman and alleviating her discomfort and anxiety.At 22:21 on the same day, “Push, inhale, and exhale…”With the help of the crew, nurses and the mother, the great mother delivered a baby boy in less than an hour. Both mother and baby are doing well.Hearing the baby’s clear and sweet cry, the cabin rang out bursts of applause, passengers have cheered “born!It’s born!””I was so moved to witness a great mother and the birth of a new baby for the first time on a plane!To the nurses on the plane and all the crew of HNA, ordinary and great!It’s a good day!””Special Valentine’s Day, witness the birth of life on the HNA plane!In such an emergency, all the crew members, the angel in white, showed no hesitation to help and did their best for the birth of the baby, which is a real positive energy.””The most touching thing is that the mother was in great pain. With the continuous efforts of the crew and the angels in white, she gave birth to the baby smoothly in everyone’s unceasing encouragement. When the moment of applause broke out in the cabin, she really understood the preciity of life.And to the lucky baby!”Passengers took notes of the touching moment.At this time, the dispatch control center of Hainan Airlines has contacted the ground support staff of Sanya Branch in advance to arrange an ambulance to rush to the airport as soon as possible to participate in on-site support.At 22:23, the flight returned to Sanya smoothly, and the medical staff of the emergency center of Sanya Phoenix International Airport entered the cabin in time to carry out emergency medical treatment for the mother and child and escorted them to Sanya Central Hospital by ambulance.In order to ensure follow-up work, relevant leaders and staff of Hainan Airlines Sanya Branch arrived at the hospital in advance to accompany and assist passengers to go through hospitalization procedures.As the passenger was weak after giving birth and was not accompanied by family members or friends, hna field staff assumed the responsibility of “family” and did their best to provide care.

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