Xianyang Library today restricted access to reopen

On February 7, the reporter learned from the Xianyang Library that according to the epidemic prevention and control work arrangement, xianyang Library will be open to the public from February 8 (eighth day).On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, visitors to the museum will be limited and offline activities will be suspended.After the resumption of the library, Xianyang Library Weyang West Road hall, the civic Cultural Center hall, 24 hours self-service borrowing room open at the same time, weiyang West Road hall routine closed on Monday, the civic cultural Center hall routine closed on Monday, Tuesday.Offline lectures, exhibitions, training and activities will be suspended, and traffic restriction measures will be implemented in each museum. Among them, the daily flow limit of Weiyang West Road hall is 150 people, and the daily flow limit of civic Cultural Center hall is 130 people. After reaching the upper limit, readers will have to wait in line.When entering the library, temperature should be measured and “two codes” checked.All libraries will not receive readers from medium-high risk cities and those who have traveled to medium-high risk areas within 14 days.Visitors to the museum must wear a mask, consciously queue up.According to the library staff, after the resumption of the library, the library will carry out regular disinfection of all kinds of self-help equipment every day, and the books and periodicals returned to the library will be uniformly disinfected by the staff and put on the shelves.At the same time, Xianyang Library reminds readers: please return the books and periodicals lent before December 21, 2021, before February 28, 2022 (including February 28), and xianyang Library will exempt the overdue liability during this period.All media reporter of Xianyang Daily: Wang Jie

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