Nicochem (300214.SZ) : Deferred disclosure of equity incentive plan

Glonhui February 16! Nisko Chemical (300214.SZ) announced that the company issued the “Suggestive Announcement on Planning equity Incentive Plan” (Announcement Number: 2022-015) on The GEM information disclosure website designated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on January 28, 2022.In order to further improve the company’s long-term incentive constraint mechanism, fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, to promote sustained, healthy and stable development of the company, in consideration of the company’s financial status, operating performance and future profitability, according to the relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents, in combination with the practical situation of the company, plans to launch the restricted stock incentive plan.The announcement is expected to formally disclose the draft incentive plan within 1 month from the date of disclosure of the announcement.After the disclosure of the above announcement, the company began to promote the equity incentive work, and has hired China International Capital Corporation Limited as the independent financial consultant of the equity incentive project.In order to give full play to the incentive role of equity incentive, ensure that it is conducive to the company’s business development and adapt to the needs of the company’s strategic transformation, the company needs to carefully select the object of equity incentive and determine the individual incentive share. It is expected that the draft of the incentive plan cannot be officially disclosed within the time of the above announcement.It is planned to formally disclose the draft incentive plan within no more than 3 months from 28 January 2022.

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