Medium snow, heavy snow!Shangluo will see persistent rain and snow

Shangluo news: This morning (February 4), the reporter learned from the Weather bureau of Shangluo city, due to the joint influence of plateau trough and southerly warm and wet airflow, shangluo city is expected to have continuous rain and snow weather process from February 5 to 7, strong rain and snow period from the night of February 5 to 6, the specific forecast is as follows:Cloudy days with sleet or light to moderate snow (0 to 3 mm), moderate snow (3 to 5 mm) in the mountains.New snow depth of 1 ~ 2 cm.Average temperature drops 4-6℃ in most days;June 6: Moderate to heavy snow (3 ~ 6 mm), heavy snow (4 ~ 8 mm) in mountainous areas, and heavy snow (8 ~ 11 mm) in local areas.New snow depth of 1 ~ 4 cm, new snow depth of 2 ~ 8 cm in mountainous areas.Gust force 6;July 7: Light snow turns cloudy.New snow depth of 0 ~ 1 cm.In addition, during the rain and snow, the visibility of Shangluo city was low, especially from the night of 5th to 7th, the visibility of some places was less than 500 meters.Shangluo observatory special reminder: the rain and snow weather process of snow last time longer, the temperature is low, accompanied by the heavy fog weather, and relevant departments should focus on the traffic around the negative impact of the suggested traffic, railway, public security department to pay attention to prevent slippery road, snow ice, low visibility and bring the negative impact of the Spring Festival.It is suggested that energy supply departments reserve power coal resources and steadily supply oil and gas, and relevant departments of heating and agricultural products supply take measures to regulate and control in advance to meet people’s production and living needs.At the same time, cooling and snow icing will also affect the maintenance of water supply pipelines, power transmission and distribution equipment and facilities. It is suggested that relevant units pay attention to inspection and maintenance work.It is recommended that the agricultural sector pay attention to the adverse effects on livestock and facility agriculture.The public should pay close attention to the latest forecast and early warning information, pay attention to keep warm, prevent colds and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease risks, especially the Spring Festival travel peak, please pay attention to traffic safety.

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