From HIFI to esports, from Big Earpack to TWS: Three ULTRASONE Extreme Bluetooth Headsets arrive

I once introduced the extreme headset and high-end headset products of German ULTRASONE. However, after entering the new era, such old hi-end manufacturers are not immune from the common practice of Bluetooth audio.Recently, we received three new Bluetooth headphones from ULTRASONE for ultimate testing, including both the HiFi headphone and the more popular active noise cancelling TWS.Today we’ll give you a first look at these headphones.The first product is METEOR ONE, which is a Bluetooth gaming headset named “METEOR”. It uses a conventional large earpack and external wired/wireless voice Mic design, and looks like “esports”.The earphone with 40mm neodymium magnet diaphragm utilizes the ultimate S-Logic spatial surround sound design, enabling virtual surround multichannel design.It’s worth noting that since it’s an esports headset, it has low latency in Bluetooth mode and a 15-hour battery life (280 hours standby).The headset can also be plugged into a wired connection mode via the included wired Mic, so it can be used immediately even when the headset is not charged.Since we haven’t tested it on power, we can’t see the cool RGB light effect on both sides of it.Later, I will invite our friends who love esports to experience this product and see how its sound quality/voice performance is in actual games.The second product is the iSAR “Galaxy” wireless active noise-canceling earphone, also using 40mm neodymium magnet unit and S-Logic spatial stereo technology.Note that the S-Logic on these headphones is all about restoring the sense of live space in stereo listening, which is a bit different from the surround sound of previous game headsets.At present, the Galaxy has three modes of active noise reduction, transparent and normal, and its maximum noise reduction depth is said to reach -40dB.In addition, the aircraft has a 30-hour battery life (280 hours standby), fully capable of supporting two intercontinental transocean flights in continuous use requirements.I especially felt the “Milky Way” protein skin + memory cotton wear comfort, the feeling is quite good.Since the Galaxy looks pretty familiar, I’m actually curious to see if it will live up to the ULTRASONE’s reputation in the premium earphone market.The third product is the Ultimate LAPIS “Bluestone” active noise reduction TWS.Bluestone looks exactly like a blue pebble, rounded and small.Using Bluetooth 5.2, the TWS also has -40dB active noise reduction and permeability mode, and supports left and right earbud touch operation.I also noticed that the BATTERY life of this TWS is quite strong: 9h per use and 45h with the charging case!In terms of sound quality, Acme claims that bluestone TWS uses 13mm neodymium magnet + titanium composite moving coil unit with large diameter, and three kinds of silica gel earplugs with different diameters are attached.Unfortunately, bluestone TWS only supports SBC and AAC but not aptXHD or LDAC.Of course, TWS does not have to have hd code to have good sound quality, even AAC can have good sound quality if tuned properly.Therefore, in the following audition, I will focus on the noise reduction ability and actual sound quality of the ultimate bluestone, and I hope it can also provide a satisfactory answer for us!

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