Xiao County firmly promotes five major projects to build an ecological livable “Dragon City”

Since last year, Xiaoxian county around the “one mountain, one water, one road, one village and one field” ecological construction new layout, improve the plain shelterbelt system, scientific promotion of land greening, accelerate the village greening expansion and quality, road and river forest belt into a network, stone mountain barren slope green and add color.Up to now, the county has completed 7315.4 mu of artificial afforestation, created 1 provincial forest town, 6 provincial forest villages, completed 23 “one million villages and ten thousand trees” village afforestation promotion construction task, new farmland forest network 35 kilometers, improve farmland forest network on the basis of the task of 100,100 mu, voluntary tree planting 36,000 plants,To build high-quality ecological livable landscape “dragon city” has laid a solid foundation.Ecological livable projects will be implemented.The county to create forest villages as the starting point, around the village, on both sides of the road, the bank of the pond ditch embankment see empty fill green, see the gap plug green, build around the village forest, road protection forest and recreational landscape forest;In the front and back of the house, planting precious tree species and economic forest species, according to local conditions to develop small orchards;We will build a village access road, reserve public green space for rest, comprehensively improve the level of rural greening and beautification, and create an ecological and livable village with ecological harmony, industrial development and unique characteristics.Implementing the green home Project.In combination with the nationwide voluntary tree-planting activities, various forms of greening activities will be carried out around us, mechanism innovations such as “Internet + nationwide voluntary tree-planting” will be promoted, activities of building garden-style units and garden-style communities will be promoted, wall removal and greening activities will be carried out in communities, and the construction management level of units and residential communities will be improved.The forest ring project will be implemented.To promote the construction of forest ring city, protect and develop forest and wetland resources around the city, and build an ecological barrier around the city, with the focus on the areas around the city and the junction of the suburbs;To develop forest parks, country parks and wetland parks based on the natural pattern around the city;Relying on the roads, rivers and canals around the city, the construction of forest belt around the city;Relying on idle land around the city, such as wasteland, abandoned land and land unsuitable for cultivation, the construction of ring forest, improve the overall level of urban greening.We will implement the ecological corridor project.Combined with the construction of ecological corridors, focusing on the greening of both sides of highways and the banks of state-owned rivers, through new construction, replanting and renovation measures, the county focuses on building 9 river banks forest corridors, afforestation nearly 15,000 mu, and building a green corridor integrating landscape, ecological and economic benefits.Implement green and colorful projects.Focusing on the surrounding areas of huangzangyu National Forest Park, Meishan Forest Park, Fengshan Forest Park and other scenic spots, adhering to the principle of government-led, financial support and project promotion, and taking stony mountain afforestation as the breakthrough point, the government has invested nearly 100 million yuan to implement a afforestation project of 15,000 mu of stony mountain.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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