Shenyang January heating demand how?City real estate bureau: significant decline

Since January 2022, Shenyang Real Estate Bureau has closely focused on the implementation of the “ten to ensure” work objectives, centralized investigation and solution of heating problems, to ensure that the masses warm winter.At present, the data show that: the whole city heating operation smooth, heating demand decreased significantly.City, district heating management mainly take the following measures, comprehensive to ensure the quality of cold period of heating – one is the organization to carry out the “petitioners ask warm temperature reduction, v.” activities, city sinking property bureaus of all cadres to the heating unit heat source plant, heat exchanger station and people’s homes, on-site supervision and solve practical problems, check the heat source plant 540 seating, heat exchanger station 1687 seating,16,000 households were visited.2 it is district, various heating unit can according to “city expeditious and about to do a good job of cold periods and heating” two the two meetings “notice requirements, heating boilers and auxiliary equipment and pipeline network has carried on the comprehensive screening equipment, to increase coal security, service, operation and epidemic prevention and control work, guarantee adequate heat source, heat supply, equipment safe and stable operation of networks.Third, strengthen heating supervision and dispatching, make full use of the intelligent heating supervision platform, continue to monitor the secondary network backwater temperature of heat source plants and heat exchange stations, and timely warn, dispatch and supervise units whose backwater temperature does not meet the standard every day, so as to ensure the quality of heating operation and service.From the reflection of the city’s heating demands, the vast majority of heating units can strengthen the organization, scheduling and service of heating operation according to the work requirements, and take the initiative to improve service awareness. Among the 162 heating units in the city,Guohui Environmental Protection New Energy Co., LTD., Third Heating Co., LTD., Liaoning Xiangsheng Energy Technology Co., LTD., Jinshan Thermal Power Branch of Jinshan Energy Co., LTD., and other 10 heating units have a low demand rate and high user satisfaction.In order to effectively do the next step of heating work, the city real estate Bureau requires each district to further implement regional management responsibility, effectively implement the “ten to ensure” requirements fall into place, continue to actively carry out “visiting people ask warm” activities, to ensure the quality of heating residents.

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