Putin is coming to China for the Spring Festival, and the Russian ambassador asked for dumplings. Why must he come this time?

Just days before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, President Putin has confirmed that he will attend, and his visit coincides with the Chinese New Year. The Russian ambassador even mentioned that the president will come to China to eat dumplings.But it is clear that Mr Putin is coming to China for more than a bite of Chinese dumplings.Recently, Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov made a joke in an interview that President Putin hoped to have the opportunity to eat Chinese dumplings during his visit to China for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.At the same time, the Russian ambassador did not forget to boast for President Putin, that is, Putin himself is very rich in experience, has become an expert in making dumplings.It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin is very fond of Chinese dumplings, and the Chinese side will certainly provide putin with enough dumplings for his visit.But it’s clear that Russian President Vladimir Putin has traveled to China for more than just a bite of dumplings.First of all, the arrival of the Russian President is a direct support for the hosting of the Winter Olympics in China, showing that Russia stands with China on the Issue of the Winter Olympics.Before that, the Western group, led by the United States, kept stigmatizing China’s Winter Olympics, trumpeting the so-called Xinjiang and Tibet issues and slandering China’s “human rights violations” of ethnic minorities, thus declaring that they would not send official representatives to attend the Games.Anyone with a clear eye can see that this is just a war of public opinion against China created by the West, which is not accustomed to China’s successful hosting of international events, in an attempt to undermine China’s international image and obstruct the smooth convening of the Winter Olympics.At this juncture, Mr. Putin’s public announcement of his attendance at the Winter Olympics shows Russia’s solidarity with China on this issue, directly countering western stigmatization attacks.Secondly, Putin’s arrival also has another significance, which is to strengthen the communication between China and Russia, and fight back directly against the Western strategy of trying to drive a wedge between China and Russia.In the Western world, concerns about the high level of Cooperation between China and Russia have been raised for a long time, with many western commentators and analysts warning the U.S. government that it needs to separate The cooperation between China and Russia and not allow the two superpowers, which are not subservient to the United States, to be closely integrated.Their view is clear: once China and Russia work closely together to resist the US-led West, the US will probably not be able to contain both.The Hopkins, a professor at the university of hull, brandeis is explicitly in American foreign policy magazine, said the United States has been a “superpower” overextended, and one of the reasons, is facing the combined china-russia isn’t so, western strategic industry more and more obvious tendency, is to divide China and Russia,They are discussing all sorts of ways to do this.Including so-called economic means of pressure, or suppression of China and Russia on one side of the conciliatory policy to the other side, even if these strategies are not successful, but it is worth our vigilance.At this time, China and Russia undoubtedly need higher strategic focus and more high-level exchanges. Direct high-level meetings between the two sides will undoubtedly help China and Russia express each other’s concerns and needs, thus providing opportunities to stabilize China-Russia relations and promote their future development.Especially at present, although the political cooperation between China and Russia is very hot, the economic cooperation between the two sides actually has a large space for improvement.China-russia trade is likely to exceed $140 billion in 2021, which is not a small number but is certainly small compared to the $755.645 billion total trade between China and the United States in 2021.As countries under severe pressure from the West, China and Russia should not only continue to maintain a high degree of political and military exchanges, but also strengthen economic cooperation. President Putin’s visit to China during the Spring Festival is undoubtedly beneficial for China and Russia to deepen cooperation in all aspects.Bringing dumplings, a daily food, to the front line may not be just a joke, but also a symbol of strengthening economic exchanges between China and Russia.In any case, in today’s unpredictable world situation, China and Russia need to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with each other. A closely united China-Russia cooperative relationship will be a anchor for us to cope with the turbulent world situation.In a sense, the Hosting of the Winter Olympics is not only a show of China’s international influence, but also an opportunity for China to communicate with friendly countries.Putin came to China to celebrate the Spring Festival, eating dumplings is certainly one of the things, but it is undoubtedly more important to discuss the future cooperation between China and Russia and jointly deal with the future world situation.

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