Hefei city reform, Hefei Baida two roof billboards were removed

During the Qingming Festival holiday, Hefei Shushan District urban management bureau and well gang town Party committee government, the Huangshan Road Hefei city reform, Hefei hundred two roof advertising signs implemented the demolition, demolition of a total area of about 400 square meters.It is understood that the two roof advertising is the second batch of city urban management bureau roof advertising signs renovation list key issues.”The two signs are seriously corroded and some fasteners have become loose. It can be said that the removal of an advertising sign is to eliminate a high altitude safety hazard.”Jinggang town, the relevant person in charge said.The next step, Shushan District urban management bureau will increase the area under the remaining roof advertising signs renovation efforts, strengthen the city appearance management.Wang Shuai Xin ‘an Evening News Anhui network anhui news reporter Xiang Lei editor Wang Cui

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