What meaning is stock market CXO

It generally refers to pharmaceutical research and development and production outsourcing enterprises.(article is personal opinion only, not as the only basis) 1. The stock market cxo refers to the management of listed companies, pharmaceutical research and development and production outsourcing cxo is due to the drug development process is long, and links are extremely complex, the pharmaceutical company responsible for the whole process of probability is not big, it formed the cxo (pharmaceutical research and development and production outsourcing services).2.CXO, commonly known as pharmaceutical outsourcing, is mainly divided into CRO, CMO/CDMO and CSO, which respectively serve r&d, production and sales in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be simply understood as R&D outsourcing, production outsourcing and sales outsourcing.In a nutshell, CXO does outsourced work.3. The research and development of original drugs in the pharmaceutical industry is very risky and the research and development cycle is very long. Often, a failure in the development of a new drug may bankrupt a company, which is a typical high-risk and high-return industry.Therefore, such an industry has given rise to a sub-industry like pharmaceutical outsourcing, which can greatly save costs and shorten the research and development cycle. If pharmaceutical research and development is like panning for gold, CXO is the “shovel seller” serving the gold miners. The gold miners may not find gold, but the shovel sellers will definitely earn service fees.

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